3 Resources for Financial Advisors Looking to Start an RIA

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June 05, 2023

Making the decision to go independent and launch an RIA on your own can be scary, but the good news is you’re not alone as you begin the journey toward independence. 

We rounded up some of XYPN's best resources for advisors who want to launch their own financial planning firms. From tackling compliance to creating a business plan and everything in between, this roundup of resources will set you up for firm launch success.

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Expert Roundtable: Tackling Compliance When Transitioning to an RIA

Transitioning to an RIA can be overwhelming, and nothing can be more frustrating and confusing than compliance! Never fear—we assembled a panel of compliance experts, members who have been there and done that, AND a real-life securities attorney for this exclusive Expert Roundtable event. In 90 action-packed minutes, these experts share all of the details and knowledge you need to tackle the ins and outs of compliance and step into your role as the kicka$$ CCO your firm needs.

What you’ll get from this Expert Roundtable event:

  • Expert advice from XYPN’s Compliance Team on eliminating trails, navigating non-competes, and what to expect for paperwork

  • Stories from XYPN members who have transitioned from a broker/dealer, wirehouse, and insurance environments

  • A deep understanding of compliance from a legal perspective as you hear from expert Securities Attorney Chris Stanley



Your Firm, Your Terms: How to Start an RIA

Wondering what to expect when starting your own Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm? Written from the vantage point of those who’ve been to the other side of the mountain, this ultimate guide to starting an RIA has been drafted in the blood, sweat, and triumphant tears of those who’ve not only been there, done that—but done it profitably.

Starting your own firm is extremely exciting. After working within the strict confines of existing rules and regulations—many of which seem outdated and impractical—there is nothing more freeing than going into business for yourself. It can also be stressful, but this step-by-step guide covers all the bases so you can confidently navigate from where you are to where you want to be.



XYPN RADIO EPisode #329: What the First Six Months of Running a Firm are Really Like

In this episode of XYPN Radio, you'll hear from XYPN members Chao Zhang, CFP®, CFA®, and Stefanie Pickard, MS, CFP®, EA, both within their first six months of launching their firm.  It offers a unique peek into their experiences as they try to get their firms off the ground.

This podcast is fun—and brutally honest. The conversation is transparent about imposter syndrome and how they wished they had done things differently. We talk about how many hours they really spend working on their firms, and what has slowed them down. Both Stefanie and Chao approach their firms with different perspectives and have different goals for themselves, but they also share so many commonalities about how they feel about launching their firms and what it’s done for them personally.

If you’re interested in what the first six months are really like, this episode is for you.


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