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You could, but should you completely DIY your RIA?  Are you prepared to execute all of the elements that it takes to register, develop, and stand up your practice?  Or are your clients better served if you focus on them and outsource the rest?

Determine the best-fit solutions that will move you from starter block to bankable!  

Question 1

Before we dive in, what should we call you?

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Question 2

Which state* are you registering your RIA in?


*The state where your principal place of business will be located (unless you qualify to register with the SEC with $100M AUM)

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Question 3

Which best describes you?

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Question 4

Are you interested in a QuickBooks discount?

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Question 5

Do you want someone to organize your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts and keep your books for you?

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Question 6

Could you use guidance with business development or other transitions to independent RIA ownership?

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Question 7

Would you prefer to have qualified experts register your RIA?

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Question 8

When it comes to drafting your Client Agreements and Business Continuity Manual* for RIA registration, which do you prefer:


*Your written policies and procedure manual

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Question 9

Would you like someone else to perform ongoing compliance management tasks for you?

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Question 10

Do you want someone to set up your financial planning tech such as Wealthbox, RightCapital/eMoney, Smartria, and PreciseFP for you?

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Question 11

Do you want help organizing your files and CRM like an established RIA?

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Question 12

Would you like to offer your clients investment management through a TAMP?

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Wondering which Tool Kit is best for you?

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