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Episode No. 332 | April 06, 2022

Providing a Personal Client Experience in a Virtual Firm

A Conversation with Leo Marte, CFP®

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Today’s interview is with Leo Marte, CFP®, the owner of Abundant Advisors, a virtual fee-only firm that specializes in serving Christian professionals. Leo joined XYPN and launched his firm in 2020 after spending a dozen years at Vanguard, managing a large team, and working with thous …

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June 12, 2019

Ep #208: 3 Years In and Hitting Her Stride - An Interview with Meg Bartelt

Ep #208: 3 Years In and Hitting Her Stride - An Interview with Meg Bartelt

After coming on the show two years ago to talk about her first year in business, Meg Bartelt has agreed to come back to share her journey and progress since then. In this episode, Meg gives a raw and authentic look at the life of an entrepreneur and opens up about how she handles the …

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June 20, 2018

From Massage Therapy to Financial Planning

Ep #157: From Massage Therapy to Financial Planning: How to Build a Business That Works For You - The Career of Debbie Gallant

Many people are in search of a career that supports their lifestyle and feeds their passions. Debbie Gallant has found just that and joins us on the show to share her entrepreneurial journey and the various careers that brought her to the sweet spot where she is today. She offers some …

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