Ep #126: Using Tiered Services to Scale a Business – The Career of Bill Simonet

November 15, 2017


It’s easy to get stuck doing things the same way as everyone else but Bill Simonet shows us the value of doing things a bit differently. He joins us on this episode to share some wisdom and lessons he has learned on his path to becoming a successful practice owner. In just 15 months, Bill’s business has grown to 3 employees and advises 58 clients. It’s obvious that he’s doing something (or many things) right.

We dig deep into how Bill got started in the industry. From his background in insurance and being a broker to his military training, he explains how it all helped him grow and gain the wisdom and skills necessary for owning a thriving practice. Bill talks about his unique and conversational approach to marketing as well as the valuable lessons he has learned about how starting a business can be hard on your home life and marriage. On this episode, he is a totally open book with us and provides some practical wisdom that anyone can benefit from.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How to network outside of networking events and use helpful and low pressure conversations to gain clients.
  • How to set up tiered pricing to make your various services more convenient, accessible and understandable for clients.
  • How to work with your spouse to ease the inevitable tension and stress that comes with starting and building a business.
  • Why it is so important to hire help before you need it and how he went about it.
  • How to smoothly handle the transition from being a broker dealer to an advisor.
  • Why the planning first approach is so attractive to people and how to leverage it.
  • How his experience in the military and as a broker dealer has helped him understand business value, client communication and management.
  • The 3 tiers of services he provides to his clients and how they make things easier and more clear for everyone.

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