Ep #115: Managing 7 Offices and 7 Staff Members as an Hourly Advisor - The Career of Anna Sergunina

August 30, 2017


Anna Sergunina knows the difference between a business and a practice - which she's proved with her fantastic work helping to develop MainStreet Financial Planning into what it is today. On this episode, Anna shares the story of her career, from how she got started in the business to how she became the owner of a highly successful planning practice. Anna shares many valuable takeaways from her experiences developing an hourly-based business with a focus on planning rather than asset management.

Anna specifically talks about her experience transitioning into ownership of the business and what the process taught her. She also shares details on how her team finds clients, their follow up process, the packages and pricing they use, and much more. Finally, one of the key points she explores is the importance of knowing what to outsource and when to bring in help so that you can focus on what you’re really good at and where you’re most needed. This concept is crucial to the development of any successful business.

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What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • The key to a successful ownership transition.
  • Why physical locations are still important, even in a mainly virtual practice.
  • How to cast a vision and create a business that can run without you there.
  • How to package hourly services in a more understandable and efficient way.
  • A strategy to get people to commit upfront to the planning process and guarantee client success and retention.
  • Why picking up the phone can be an extremely valuable effort when it comes to client follow-up.
  • The importance of handing off tasks, delegating, and outsourcing.

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