Ready, Set, Launch?

RIA Launch Consulting

Are you considering starting your own firm? Do you have a plan, but don’t know if you have all the pieces ironed out? Maybe imposter syndrome and doubts are keeping you stagnant? Starting your firm requires intention and clarity, but knowing the right time to GO is the hardest part.

Designed for anyone who is on the fence about starting their firm and needs validation around what must be done beforehand, this package offers 1:1 time with XYPN Executive Business Coach, Maddy Roche, so you can make a plan for moving forward to your launch date and confidently say “I’m Ready.”

Based on your needs choose from one 45-minute session for $349 or two 45-minute sessions for $499.

What's included:
  • Understand future firm vision, clients, and service
  • Review current employment situation and establish a timeline to launch
  • Evaluate budget and financial considerations

  • Create SWOT analysis to prepare for RIA launch


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