How to Attract a New Generation of Clients to Your RIA

A Guide to Profitably Serve Millennial and Gen Z Clients

Are you ready to guide new generations to financial well-being, but are unsure how to tap into the next-gen market?  

This go-to guide will help you:
  • Understand the financial and emotional landscapes that have shaped Millennials and Gen Zers’ complex feelings about financial planning 
  • Correlate their needs with your niche and services
  • Learn tried and true approaches to reach, engage, and advise Gens Y and Z effectively 
  • Build business models that profitably serve younger generations
  • Utilize case studies of XYPN members who have successfully unlocked the planning potential of next-gen clients

Download this one-of-a-kind guide and learn how to attract and profitably serve Millennial and Gen Z clients today! Simply fill out the form to get ready to turn on the next-gen customer tap!


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