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Refining Your Client Service Model

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The heart of your business as an advisor is the service you provide to your clients and the impact it has on them, their loved ones, and the world. But running your own firm often means constantly running yourself as you manage all the moving pieces that come alongside serving clients. With how busy you are, the heart of your firm, serving clients, can itself land on the back burner and become a function of repetition—doing the same thing you've done before. It's imperative you take time to evaluate and optimize the experience you are providing each of your clients through your client service model; it's the reason you're both there, after all.

In this on-demand webinar, Join Kathleen Boyd, CFP®, and XYPN's Financial Planning and Process Coach as she guides you through refining and improving your client service model to provide your clients with an exceptional planning experience like none other.



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