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Finding Your Fee "Sweet Spot" as an Independent Financial Advisor

The 411 on Fees for Firm Owners

How much should I charge for my financial planning services? This is a question we hear all the time at XY Planning Network, and all too often, advisors get the answer wrong. The problem isn't that they're charging too much—it's that they're charging too little. When advisors set out on their own, they often fail to see just how much value they provide in the lives of their clients, and their fees reflect this self-doubt.

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In this free webinar, XYPN members Dan Tobias and Isaiah Douglass will help you find your fee "sweet spot" and cover the ins and outs of fees as an independent financial advisor. If you're considering setting out on your own, then you'll want to watch this video!


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Dan Tobias, CFP®, PPC

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Isaiah Douglass, CFP®

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