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Create Onboarding Efficiencies for Better Client Engagement with fpPathfinder, Wealthbox, and RightCapital

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How “fit” is your firm when it comes to your client’s experience? Does your onboarding process create the “best foot forward” impression you want to make with your new clients? Or does your relationship lose momentum right out of the gate due to inefficiencies and unnecessarily cumbersome data requests? Whatever your experience during the most work-intensive part of planning, you can build a better experience for both you and your clients by syncing fpPathfinder, Wealthbox, and RightCapital. 

Along with Stacia Waren of fpPathfinder, Ted Denbow of RightCapital, and Andrew Ladwig of Wealthbox, join XYPN member, Jim Carlson, CDAA, to learn how he:

  • Sets the right tone with new clients with a frictionless process

  • Uses fpPathfinder to Identify and gather the most relevant information from clients

  • Leverages fpPathfinder's branded data gathering tools for a professional and easy intake experience

  • Uses fpPathfinder, RightCapital, and Wealthbox's native integrations to avoid redundant data input across various systems, saving time and reducing errors

Gain insights into Jim’s tried and true onboarding process and use of these valuable tools to keep the momentum between the time of initial client engagement and when they start receiving your expert advice!


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