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Closing the Deal

Easy-to-Execute Strategies RIA Owners Can Use to Convert Prospects to Clients

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If having to “sell yourself” tops your list of pain points —or even barriers to— independent RIA ownership, you’re not alone. Ever since the first car salesman, the idea of sales has conjured feelings from cringe to downright avoidance and fear. It’s time to unpack those emotional bags and embrace the conversion conversation.

In this honest look at how to close the deal without feeling like you’re selling your soul, XYPN members Lacy Rogers, CFP®, CRC®, and Martin Scott, CFP®, share how they’ve gotten proficient at meeting clients halfway and establishing themselves as the problem-solving partners their prospects can trust—and want to engage with. 

Join us for an insightful discussion about the simple steps you can take to have a conversation that sets you and your prospect up for success—and removes any bad taste the thought of “sales” has left in the past.  


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