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Building a “Set It and Forget It” Lead Generation Engine for your RIA with PreciseFP

Jun 25, 2024 @ 10 AM PT / 1 PM EST

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Did you know that qualified leads can cost upwards of $55 per lead? What if you could use a tool to build branded, customized lead generation functionality that pays dividends well into the future—for free? Join partner PreciseFP’s Richard Thoeny to find out how their suite of tools does just that!  

In this can’t-miss event, you’ll learn how to use PreciseFP web publishing capabilities to help you build modern, elegant lead-generation components that you can integrate into your website, post on social media, or use in prospecting communications.  

We’ll also explore: 

  • Utilizing technology to automate and accelerate prospecting
  • Best practices for automating the conversion of leads collected into clients using pipeline workflow and fact finders to engage clients effortlessly
  • How PreciseFP equips firms with immediate scale so you can evaluate prospects swiftly
  • The joys of eradicating manual data entry
  • Risk tolerance assessment and workflow automation 
  • How to enhance day-to-day operations efficiency

If you’re interested in leveraging PreciseFP’s “set it and forget it” lead generation integrations as well as onboarding new clients easily, engaging existing clients routinely, and keeping customer profiles up to date automatically with their whole suite of other financial advisor tools, this event is for you!


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