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The Art of Delivering Ongoing Financial Advice

A Mailbag Event with Alan Moore

You’ve done it—you’re a firm owner, you’ve attracted prospects, and you’ve earned their business as clients. Now that you’re engaged in ongoing planning relationships, regardless of how big you want to scale your firm (or not), the key to your long-term success and the health of your firm lies in delivering consistent value to your existing clients. But how do you continue enriching the lives of your clients as your relationship with them goes from weeks, to months, to years?

Join Alan Moore, CEO & Co-Founder of XYPN, as he answers questions from all of you in this “mailbag” webinar event. Yep, Alan will be pulling your questions from the mailbag as they relate to delivering ongoing financial advice and the pain points you feel as an established firm owner. You’ll get insight from Alan—a past independent firm owner himself—and be able to pick his brain on how to continue delivering your clients with the consistent value that will not only keep them around but earn you business in the future. 

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Listen in as Alan shares his expert advice on: 

  • Calculating and communicating your value as an advisor
  • Using a client service calendar to win over prospects
  • How to effectively manage your time as a firm owner
  • Managing the initial client meeting 
  • Top tech solutions for financial advisors


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