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Having the conversation with your partner about making the leap to entrepreneurship

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Making the decision to pursue entrepreneurship is scary. You're walking away from the security of a regular paycheck to hold your own earnings potential in your hands. It's exciting—but can be daunting if your partner isn't on the same page. Once you've made the decision, it can take years to really get a firm off the ground.

The financial and emotional cost of starting your own firm makes it especially important to discuss the path of entrepreneurship with your partner. After all, they are the ones most impacted by your decision. Rest assured, your path to entrepreneurship will be much smoother if your partner is on board with your vision. Let's get you ready to have that conversation.
Join host Alan Moore, XYPN CEO & Co-Founder, panelists Brandon Juodikis, CFP® and Sarah Ponder, CFP®, MBA in a candid conversation about their path to entrepreneurship. They will speak candidly about the good—and not-so-good—aspects of launching your firm, and empower you to make the call for yourself. You will leave with an insight into having a productive conversation with your partner, and, of course, an understanding of how to make sure it is right for both of you.


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