On-Demand Event

AMA with XYPN CEO & Co-Founder Alan Moore

In this 1-hour special event, XYPN CEO & Co-Founder, Alan Moore, weighs in with answers to your burning questions. From how to profitably price fee-for-service financial planning to how to create the stickiest relationships with your clients to how to decide whether to stay small or scale your firm, Alan shares valuable insights learned from 7+ years of building a business 100% dedicated to the success of fee-only advisors.


Listen in as Alan shares his expert advice on:

  • The best, more practical steps to re-enter the industry as a fee only planner.
  •  The best way to gain an audience via podcast
  •  How to decide on a niche market to focus on.
  • How to stop "over-servicing" your clients. 


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