Good Financial Reads: SRI & ESG Basics

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March 29, 2019

SRI and ESG Basics

ESG Investing: If Only It Were That Simple

by Justin CastelliRLS Wealth Management, LLC

For those interested in implementing an ESG strategy, or looking for an advisor to help them, I want to share some of the hurdles I am working on clearing. These are issues everyone with an ESG focus should be aware of, be able to discuss and understand their potential impact on a portfolio.

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Breaking Sustainable

by Patrick Dinan, Impact Fiduciary LLC

Breaking Bad is TV at its best—my wife and I actually binge-watched most of it while in Thailand on our honeymoon.

What can these characters teach us about investing? Each of these criminals has chosen an extremely unethical enterprise. The main characters have moments of elation and triumph, but they never lead to a happy ending.

Pop culture echoes the harsh reality of life, and if you look at publicly traded companies, you can make a similar argument: in the short run, companies with ethical dilemmas can be profitable and may look attractive on paper, but oftentimes, the extra baggage isn’t worth the additional risk.

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Differences between ESG and SRI

by Nathan Schorsch, Head to Toe Financial 

There is a growing desire among young investors to have their investments not only provide returns, but to support their views on environmental and social issues.  That is where ESG and SRI come into play which can be confusing as they are often used almost interchangeably, which is not the case. So, let’s dig into these terms to see what they mean, how they work in practice, and some thoughts to consider as you make a decision to use any of these methods.  

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