Good Financial Reads: A New Way to Look at Retirement

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August 24, 2018

A New Way to Look at Retirement 

Don't Be Fooled That Retirement Will Solve Everything

by Michelle Smalenberger, Financial Design Studio, Inc.

Have you ever played a prank on someone hoping to fool them?  One area you don’t want to be fooled on is your retirement. There are a lot of good questions we hear often.  How old are you? How much do you have saved? When are you going to retire? How much do you want to spend in retirement?  These are all good, but they only focus on the numbers.

Here’s an acronym for you to consider, R.E.T.I.R.E.  This covers other areas of your life like what you are retiring to.

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The Last Conversation You'll Ever Need To Have About Planning For Retirement Withdrawals

by Britton Gregory, Seaborn Financial, LLC

A couple months ago, I read an amazing article titled "The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right". In it, the author had a simple conversation with an expert on nutrition, wherein they asked the questions that all weigh on our minds and were given straightforward and research-backed answers. Because I think every subject deserves this kind of article, here's a "Last Conversation" piece on planning for retirement withdrawals!

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The New Retirement: 7 Habits to Achieve Financial Independence

by Levi Sanchez, Millennial Wealth LLC

The FIRE or financial independence and retire early movement has grown in popularity over the last decade. The Great Recession saw many retirement savings wiped out through poor financial decisions coupled with the worst recession of our lifetimes. The traditional retirement mold has been broken. Why wait until your later years to leave a job you’re not happy with or passionate about to finally work on your terms or not work at all? 

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