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About Britton Gregory, CFP®

I’m a fee-only, fiduciary financial planner and investment manager in Austin, TX, and I specialize in working with tech professionals. I founded this firm in 2012 and was helping people with their finances for years before that.

I was an engineer for nearly twenty years, so I greatly prefer research- and analysis-based approach to finance, rather than flashy salesmanship. More tax-efficient investing and research-proven factors of increased returns, and less market timing and hedge funds.

Also, I stand out at financial advisor conferences, because I never wear a suit. Why? The better question is: why is a suit the official uniform of financial advisors? The answer is because our industry originated in sales; fee-only financial advisors such as myself are a relatively new invention, and still uncommon in the industry. Simply put, I don’t wear a suit because I’m not a salesman.

One of my favorite questions (generally asked only after a beer or two) is: if I’m so good at finance, why aren’t I retired and living the good life? The answer is: I am! Building something from the ground up, working hard on something I’m that helps people and that I’m passionate about — that’s my kind of retirement, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the financial skills I’ve built and been taught over the years.

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On the importance of "Plan B"

September 8, 2019

Risk mitigation is an important part of any good financial plan: funding emergency savings, diversifying the investment portfolio, setting an asset allocation appropriate to your risk tolerance and risk capacity, purchasing appropriate insurance, preparing the proper estate planning documents, etc. etc. Bad things happen, and it's important to shore up your defenses against them.Here's the thing, though: "shoring up your defenses" doesn't mean "making yourself invulnerable". Sometimes it's not

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What to do during money time

August 25, 2019

A while back, I wrote about handling money as a couple. (It's worth a read even if you're single -- many of the concepts carry over, with a little tweaking!) In that article, I talk about something called "weekly money time", where you create space to work towards your financial goals. However, I spent precious little time talking about what that actually means. What does "working towards your financial goals" even look like?Let's talk about that.First, a quick refresherWhat's "money time"? In a

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How (and why) to give your money away

August 11, 2019

"Wait, what? Why are you telling me to give away my money? You're a financial advisor -- isn't it your job to help me keep my money?" No, it's not. It's my job to maximize not just your return on investment, but your return on life. And giving your money away is a core part of that.Let me explain, and then I'll get into some thoughts on how to optimize your giving. (I'm an engineer, after all.)Giving is an efficient happiness-per-dollar investmentOK, that's a very nerdy way to say it, but I want

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