Good Financial Reads: Financial Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

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September 18, 2020

Financial Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying Life Insurance

by Natalie Slagle, Fyooz Financial Planning

You know how I know you are a responsible, caring adult? Because you give a crap about what happens should you pass away unexpectedly. You have officially reached adulthood when you start thinking about someone else's life other than your own. Feels kinda good, doesn’t it? Not only are you thinking about someone else, you are looking for ways to better their lives should something unforeseen happen to you. You get a gold star my friend.

In the quest of becoming a better human, you may stumble upon the most practical way to ensure your loved ones’ success should you croak. That my friends, is life insurance. If only the journey ended there....but it’s only just begun. To prepare yourself further, you need to ask (and answer!) these three questions before purchasing life insurance:

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Reset Unfulfilling Areas of Your Life

by Kyle Mast, Clarity Financial

This will be a year of great change for my family and me. I am hiring another financial planner to help serve the ever-increasing amount of current clients and those on my waitlist. I will be freeing up more time for specific clients that I can serve best, as well as freeing up additional time for real estate investing, and, of course, family and travel. We are also seriously considering relocating as a family to escape the 7-8 months of grey in northwest Oregon.

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"How Do I Pay Less in Taxes": Asking the Right Question

by Britton Gregory, Seaborn Financial, LLC

This deceptively simple question comes up quite a lot when I'm talking to clients. I say "deceptively simple" not because the answers are always complicated -- and we'll get to that -- but because there are actually several different questions they might actually be asking!

And asking the right question is critical. I've seen people move directly from "I have a nasty tax bill" to "I've got to do something to lower that bill" to...well, suboptimal solutions.

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