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10 Things We Love About QuickBooks Online

10 Things We Love About QuickBooks Online


QuickBooks, the longtime, go-to accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses, is making the move to QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Intuit is encouraging users to switch from the Desktop to the Online version; in fact, if you previously used QuickBooks for Mac, QBO will be your only option the next time you upgrade.

We have been using QBO at FA Bean Counters (FABC) since our inception. Every bookkeeper at FABC is QBO Pro-Certified, and proud of it. 

Change is hard. But often, it’s worth it. Here are 10 reasons why we love QBO, and why we think you will too:

  1. QBO is cloud-based—that’s right, no installation required. You can access QBO from any web connection.
  1. Your accountant can access your QBO account without the need to make a back-up copy or send an accountant’s copy. Your accountant has the ability to run reports, make journal entries, and find the information needed to prepare and file taxes. 
  1. QBO will automatically download transactions from your bank and credit cards every night. QBO memorizes vendors and intuitively knows how to categorize each expense. And guess what? There are no additional bank fees for this service.
  1. You can attach bills, sales receipts, estimates, and invoices. For example, you can take a picture of your restaurant receipt on your phone and upload it to QBO. 
  1. You can set up recurring monthly invoices that can be emailed to clients automatically. Who doesn’t love some good old automation?
  1. The reporting feature in QBO is the best of all the online accounting software we’ve tried. Beware of the free or very low cost options as they don’t all offer the reports financial advisors need for their state regulators. 
  1. If you have an accountant who uses QBO, they can extend a QB ProAdvisor discount to your subscription. FA Bean Counters offers this service to our clients, but unfortunately the discount can't be applied to existing subscriptions. Let us get your books up and running from the start and the discount will be yours!
  1. QBO is always up-to-date. You will never have to upgrade to get the latest version. Instead, you pay a monthly subscription. Intuit is investing more into their online products than their desktop products, which means QBO will just keep getting better! 
  1. One of our favorite features of QBO is the ability to open multiple windows at the same time. By duplicating a tab, it makes it easy to compare reports or cross-reference information without closing the page you are working in.
  1. Is there an app for that? Absolutely! At the latest count, there are over 600 apps that integrate with QBO, all intended to make your life easier. Some of the more popular apps include: TSheets Time Tracking,, Practice Ignition, PayPal, and most recently an AdvicePay integration utilizing B-Importer. We will reveal our favorite apps in an upcoming blog. 

Need help setting up QuickBooks Online? Get in touch; we’d love to help!

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