10 Reasons Why You'll Love #XYPNLIVE 2019

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September 02, 2019

Over the past four years, XYPN LIVE has come to be known for many things: its casual "dress code", carefully curated content, groundbreaking anti-harassment Code of Conduct, fun and family-friendly ambience…the list goes on.

Every year, it’s our own personal goal to outdo ourselves and leave attendees saying, “Now THAT was the best conference I’ve ever attended” (until the next year, of course).

So how have we raised the bar on our annual “unconference” this year? To answer that question, we outlined 10 reasons why you’ll love XYPN LIVE 2019.

#1. You’ll Walk Away with a Professional Headshot...FOR FREE

Get a new professional headshot (valued at $125) for the low price of $0. You read that right—we're offering FREE headshots at XYPN LIVE 2019!

Headshots will be fully edited, high-resolution, and easily downloadable from an online gallery. All you need to do is bring a winning smile (and your preferred attire). 

#2. You’ll Also Score a FREE Marketing Video

Because who doesn't love free stuff?

InvestmentNews will be at XYPN LIVE 2019 with an opportunity for YOU to write the script on a video specifically for your marketing needs. This is your chance to add video content to your marketing arsenal at absolutely no cost to you! Whatever you want to say to your ideal clients, the pros at InvestmentNews will record it and provide you with a 2-minute video to distribute as you’d like. If you’re not using video in your marketing, this is your chance to give this tried and true tactic a shot (pun intended), and look like a total pro doing it!

#3. We Treat Newbies Like Family

Attending XYPN LIVE for the first time? Not to worry, you won’t feel like the newbie for long. Our First-Timer Attendee Reception will get you comfortable, up to speed, and connected to other XYPN LIVE first-timers so you immediately have a tribe of your own. 

(Not your first rodeo? Get ready to reconnect with old friends and meet some new ones at our Welcome Reception.)

#4. You’ll Up Your Dating Game

Speed dating to find your soulmate? Questionable. Speed dating to meet other advisors in the same entrepreneurial boat? Unquestionably awesome.

At our Experienced Advisor mixer, you’ll meet other advisors who are at “your level,” whether you’re in year 5, 10, or 20 of firm ownership. During this 30-minute "speed dating" mixer, we’ll facilitate as many introductions as possible so you leave with a cache of new connections.

#5. You’ll Have Opportunities to Stay Fit (If You're Into That Sort of Thing)

For some overachievers people, working on their business isn’t enough…they also want to work on their fitness. Respect.

At XYPN LIVE 2019, there will be pick-up games of soccer in the park every morning because, hey, goals aren’t just for your business.

For a more “zen” approach to fitness, we’re also offering a morning XYPN-member-led yoga class. Practice your breathing and stretching as you wind up (in a wind down kind of way) for a full day of conference fun.

#6. The Party Isn’t Over Until You Say It’s Over

You know those awesomely extroverted types who still aren’t ready to hit the hay after a full day of conferencing? No? Well we know just the place to find them—at LIVE After Hours, XYPN LIVE's no-host after-hours networking lounge. Get ready to live it up and network the night away.

#7. There Are More Sessions Than Ever Before

XYPN LIVE 2019 offers 35 expert-led sessions—more than any other year—organized into five content tracks: Sales/Marketing, Compliance/Operations, Financial Planning, Investment Solutions, and Practice Management.

Not only that, the sessions are also organized into three business stages—Launch, Refine and Grow, and Scaling—so you can decide which content is the most relevant based on where you are in YOUR business. 

Our Launch sessions are ideal for advisors in the process of launching or who have recently launched their firms; our Refine and Grow sessions are ideal for advisors who have built a solid foundation for their business, and are now focused on growth; and our Scaling sessions are ideal for advisors thinking long-term on how to scale to the business of their dreams.

BONUS! Are you looking for ways to complete your CFP® CE credits this year? We're making it convenient for attendees to earn their credits by offering TWELVE CFP® eligible sessions at this year's conference for no additional cost. 

#8. And More Coaches!

Coaches’ Corner has long been a fan favorite at XYPN LIVE, and this year, we’re excited to offer 13 unique coaching sessions, more than ever before.

Receive individualized help in a one-on-one or small group session of your choice at no additional cost. 30-minute sessions will cover common pain points such as compliance, bookkeeping, marketing, and more. You will leave Coaches’ Corners with answers to questions that have been keeping you up at night and armed with real solutions for your business.

#9. XYPN Has Its Own Booth

You know that song? The one that goes, “It’s my party, and I’ll have a booth if I want to”…or something like that.

We’re stoked to have our very own booth at XYPN LIVE 2019, something we’ve never done before. But enough about us, what’s in it for you?

You’ll have the opportunity to chat with members of our Sales, Member Services, Advisor Success, and Compliance teams.

This is also your chance to become a social media star at Literally LIVE in a livestreamed, ~5-minute interview with a member of XYPN’s Member Services team. Charm our social media audience, and yours—interviews can be shared on your own social channels so you can show your friends firsthand how big of a deal you are (proven to be significantly more effective than telling your friends how big of a deal you are—no one likes a bragger).  

#10. Because There’s No Reason NOT to Love XYPN LIVE

Need we say more?

Haven’t gotten your XYPN LIVE 2019 pass yet? There’s still time to meet us in St. Louis!

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