Cheers to the next ten years

Making it possible

Launch, run, and scale the financial planning firm of your dreams with complete autonomy.

This month marks XYPN's 10th anniversary. That's ten years of making it possible for fee-only financial advisors to advise who they want, how they want.

Our integrated support system offers everything needed to succeed profitably: curated technology, customized educational resources, a vibrant support network of like-minded people, and business, operational, and client support services.  

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Your best life starts here.

Founded by fee-only financial planners, for fee-only financial planners. Our turnkey advice and planning platform is designed with you in mind. We're here to guide your journey from wherever you are to wherever you want to be. To get you there, we offer:

Affordable Transparency

Affordable pricing means the most ROI for you and your clients. Know what to expect with simple, transparent pricing.

Trusted Expertise

Entrepreneurship and all of its responsibilities can feel overwhelming. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a team of experts with you every step of the way. Count on their due diligence to provide you with best-fit technology and support solutions that ease those burdens. 

Complete Control

Turnkey support means we give you the keys to everything we’ve built so you can run your firm on your terms. Use as much or as little of our resources as you choose. Your practice and its value always belong to you. If you’re not satisfied, you can exit at any time with your clients and 100% of your revenue.

True Support

Whether you are starting, growing, or scaling your RIA, we are committed to your success. Experience unparalleled support with every tool, resource, and solution as well as ongoing state and national-level advocacy efforts designed to move the needle in all the ways that matter. 


Find your fit when you plug into XYPN's network of like-minded advisors and team of friendly specialists. You may be independent, but you're never alone when you connect with your support system working eagerly for your growth and success.


Good financial planning often requires solving complex client situations. Advise your clients with confidence knowing you are equipped with a complete toolkit of resources to level up your solutions, services, and business for optimal client experience.  

“When I felt called to launch my own financial planning firm, I had no idea where to start. I started looking at the basic components I knew I would need, compliance and tech. I stumbled on XYPN’s First-Year Budget worksheet comparison and it became a no-brainer. I’ve also found an incredible community of other advisors. Our mastermind group is also a great benefit. XYPN and the members offer what it really looks like to start a firm and some of the challenges and success that we may face.”
Kaysian Gordon, MBA, CFP®, CPA, CKA
Founder, Kaysi Gordon Financial Planning
“XYPN has been instrumental to my success as an independent, solo RIA. I would not have been able to enter the industry as a career changer without educational resources like XYPN Academy and compliance support. The community aspects of XYPN help firm owners feel like we’re not on an island. And the tech stack is a tremendous value for the money, enabling us to serve more clients at a lower cost!”
Allen Mueller
Allen Mueller, CFA, MBA
Director Of Financial Planning, 7 Saturdays Financial
“Being solo, you need backup like XY behind you. That's your big giant outsourcing partner, right? With all the different discounts on technology and all the support and the coaching and all that, why not do it that way? If you're an independent-minded person, it’s totally the way to go.”
Cathy Curtis
Cathy Curtis, CFP®
Founder, Curtis Financial Planning


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Best-in-class Tech Tools


Starting and running an RIA requires the latest technology. But who has time for the due diligence it takes to source and stay on top of the best-in-class RIA software solutions?—Or the tech tools that were designed to save fee-only financial planners time, money, and headaches? Our industry experts do! They've put their expertise and first-hand knowledge to work for you by vetting and negotiating enterprise-priced partnerships with the top technology for RIA owners.


Included in Membership

Exclusive Member Discounts
Compliance With Confidence


Imagine having a dedicated team of RIA compliance experts who provide you with end-to-end, real-time support so you can navigate any compliance complexity with ease and confidence. From initial registration to regulatory exam prep to ADV updates and all the regulator-proof best practices in between, we’re with you every step of the way. Together we can automate key processes and establish systems that reduce time spent managing records and filings so you can spend your time doing what you want to do—not what you have to do. 

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Compliance has been so helpful. It's an outstanding resource. I dial into Office Hours. I ask a question and I'm confident in the answer that I get.

Terri Spath, CFP®, CFA
Zuma Wealth
Included in membership: 
  • Annual ADV Update
  • Smartria Compliance and Task Management Software
  • Weekly Office Hours with our knowledgeable in-house team 
  • Access to Members-Only Compliance Forum
  • Compliance education via webinars and XYPN Academy
  • How-To Guides and Templates
Find YOUR people

Support Network 

Being part of a vibrant community can be one of the most important contributions to your success. That’s why it’s been a core focus from our beginning. Connecting you with your place and your people and having meaningful opportunities to learn, share, and feel supported are the greatest resources we can offer. Imagine having access to over 1,850 like-minded advisors working together for each other’s gain and growth! You may be independent, but you’re never alone when you plug into the network:

  • Match with a mastermind/study group that has been called the “gift that keeps giving toward personal and professional growth” and “impact acceleration at its best!”

  • Tap into member forums to find solutions and support from your peers

  • Attend virtual events offering peer and expert-led insights & solutions

  • Feel seen, heard, and supported at huddles, meet-ups, or conference connects

  • Experience XYPN membership come together at XYPN LIVE, hailed as “far and away the best conference out there for fee-only advisors.”

XYPN_Grid_Blue-6 XYPN team discussion in casual office
Grow and scale your ria

Support Solutions

Do what you do best and trust us with the rest. Your clients will thank you for it. 

With great freedom comes great responsibilities. No one understands better than we do what it takes to grow and scale your dream RIA while serving your clients in the best possible way. So we customized our Support Solutions to offer everything you need to accelerate your RIA's growth—from lead gen to AUM.

Your Growth Guides

Coaching & Consulting

Get the 1:1 guidance you need to move from blocked to bankable from our Executive Business Coaches. Whatever uncertainty or challenge you face as a business owner, financial planner, and human being, our Coaches will guide you to the other side. Count on them to provide the expertise and tools that help you grow and move the needle in all the ways that matter.  

Partner with them and gain:

  • Clarity about where you are, where you want to be, and the steps to get there

  • Analysis and strategic planning for the sustainability and growth of your business

  • Long and short-term goal guidance and accountability

  • Development of critical thinking skills that aid in decision-making, and practice management tools that help you execute

  • Greater self-awareness that leads to increased productivity, performance, and confidence

  • A mentor, accountability partner, and cheerleader!

Your Path to Success

Education & Resources

No matter where you are in your firm journey, we can provide a clear path to your success. Designed to act as the ultimate GPS for your RIA, our resources, educational tools, and coaching services act as part map, part turn-by-turn guidance, and part course-correct. Together we’ll navigate from wherever you are to wherever you want to be in the most efficient, tested way

Imagine having access to all the navigational tools you need to steer your business to sustainable success:  

End-to-end education

Check out nearly endless on-demand training, workshops, and resources including CFP® Continuing Education Credit Courses.

Resource Library

With blogs, podcasts, webinars, templates, plans, and books on Sales, Marketing, Business, and Financial Planning—we've got everything you need to run your financial planning business.

Templates for Every Need

From your financial advisor business plan to marketing and all things compliance—we've done the leg work to give you the leg up!

Streamlined Processes & Workflows

Drive efficiencies so you can spend more time doing what you want to do, not what you have to do.

1:1 Executive Business Coaching & Office Hours

Growth & scaling practice management support and resources

Michael Kitces MichaelKitces
Powerful Partners on Your Team


Making it possible for everyone to live their great life

Everyone deserves trusted financial advice. And you deserve to be able to provide it. That's why XYPN fights for the fiduciary standard of excellence and the establishment of regulation in the consumer’s best interest. Spearheaded by XYPN co-founder Michael Kitces, we continue to fight to update public policy to establish financial planning as a recognized profession and to separate from the reputable financial products manufacturers and distribution intermediaries who fulfill an essential but separate mission. Continuing to support and advocate for the fiduciary standard is part of our mission.

What can XYPN do for you?