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You pay for your life monthly, so why not pay your financial advisor monthly? Our advisors offer affordable monthly retainer services so you know you have a financial planner looking out for you throughout the year.


All of our advisors are fee-only, which means they don’t accept commissions, referral fees, or kickbacks of any kind. You can rest assured knowing that our advisors work in your best interest 100% of the time.

CFP® Professionals

The CFP® designation is the recognized standard of excellence for advisors providing competent and ethical personal financial planning, and is a requirement for all of our advisors to be listed on the advisor profile search.

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Use These 2 Key Elements to Unlock Financial Success

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Achieve Financial Success

“Achieving financial success” may sound like a lofty (and far away) goal. There are many external factors that affect your finances and can deter you from accomplishing what you’d ideally like to: saving up a big enough down payment for your dream home, traveling the world, contributing enough money now to secure the lifestyle you […]

Stuff We Love: Free Financial Planning Days from CFP Board

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If you’ve been waiting for a sign to start figuring out your finances, this is it. CFP Board is helping host events around the country in October and November called Financial Planning Days. These events are for anyone looking to learn more about their personal finances — and anyone who’s ready to start working toward […]