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You pay for your life monthly, so why not pay your financial advisor monthly? Our advisors offer affordable monthly retainer services so you know you have a financial planner looking out for you throughout the year.


All of our advisors are fee-only, which means they don’t accept commissions, referral fees, or kickbacks of any kind. You can rest assured knowing that our advisors work in your best interest 100% of the time.

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The CFP® designation is the recognized standard of excellence for advisors providing competent and ethical personal financial planning, and is a requirement for all of our advisors to be listed on the advisor profile search.

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Are You Ready to Switch to a Single Income?

Posted on
Single Income

Editor’s Note: Please welcome XYPN member Matt Becker to the blog today! Matt’s sharing his advice for parents who want to switch to a single income.  Want to get more money tips for new parents? Matt is the founder of Mom and Dad Money, a fee-only financial planning practice dedicated to helping new parents build happy […]

Debt Is Not Forever: 6 Financial Advisors Share Tips for Dealing with Debt

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Debt Is Not Forever

XY Planning Network is thrilled to join the #DebtIsNotForever campaign from personal finance blogger Jackie of The Debt Myth. We’re all about spreading financial education — and empowerment. To do so, we asked 6 XYPN advisors to share their best tips and strategies for dealing with debt. Because debt is not forever, and you can reach debt […]