Good Financial Reads: Investing Basics

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April 19, 2019

Investing Basics

4 Myths About Investing That Hold You Back

by Levi SanchezMillennial Wealth

Whether you’re a new investor, or have years of experience under your belt, you’ve likely come across several “myths” about investing that held you back at the time. When it comes to investing, hindsight is truly 20/20. “I should’ve, if only I would’ve, or I could be rich!”, are all statements that can be made when peering back at how investments and the market, in general, have performed over time. 

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The Great Debate: Active versus Passive Investing

by Levi SanchezMillennial Wealth

At the forefront of the investment world over the past decade has been the debate over active versus passive investing. Active funds, or mutual funds, have managers that “actively” buy and sell investments in order to beat their respective benchmark or accomplish their specific objective. On the other hand, passive funds have no manager, they simply participate in the market and perform as well as their respective benchmark. 

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Investing 102: Using Your Emotions to Fuel Your Why, and Time-Frames to Temper Them

by John Chesbrough, Trail Financial Planning

Feelings are little bundles of emotion that zip around our bodies.  They are essential.  They make life vibrant.  They have a powerful influence on behavior.  We are wise to pay attention to our emotional selves in matters of friendship or love.  But in the realm of investing, we need to be very aware of the role that emotions play.  

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How Much to Invest

by Nathan Schorsch, Head to Toe Financial Planning

Because everyone is different and in a different place in their lives, there’s no uniform number that I can throw out that would make sense.  Besides, the work we do together will be focused specifically on you as a person, so a standard number is irrelevant. Now that I’ve told you there’s no actual number to start with let’s look at what you should start with, and that’s what you can afford.  

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Be Careful of Financial Short Cuts

by Michelle Smalenberger, Financial Design Studio, Inc

At various times in your life you may remember when you tried to find a short-cut. And if you decided to take that short-cut did it help you in the long run to achieve the goals you were hoping for? Your finances and investing short-cuts are no different. You have to be careful becomes sometimes they can hurt rather than help.

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The Costs of Investing (and Planning)

by Britton GregorySeaborn Financial, LLC

Let's face it: the financial services industry hasn't exactly been a beacon of transparency when it comes to the fees you pay. That's slowly changing, but in the meantime, let's arm you with knowledge: what fees are out there, and what should you expect?

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