Good Financial Reads: How to Manage and Track Personal Cash Flow

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May 26, 2023

Cash is King. So What?

by Michelle Smalenberger, Financial Design Studio

Right now, where is the best place to put your money? It’s important to make you are maximizing your money . . . and cash is king. There are more opportunities than you might realize. Michelle and Trevore will break down the different options and how they can serve your financial plan.

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What Does it Mean to "Pay Yourself First?"

by Michael Reynolds, Elevation Financial

Personal finance is full of jargon, rules of thumb, and pithy sayings that are meant to inspire and educate.

Sometimes these sayings are helpful and sometimes not. Often they are not universally applicable but they can make sense in the right context.

One phrase that you’ve probably heard is “pay yourself first.”

The origin of the phrase "pay yourself first" (or PYF) is unclear. It is widely credited to the personal finance expert and author, Robert Kiyosaki (no affiliation or endorsement implied), who popularized the concept in his book "Rich Dad Poor Dad." However, the idea has been around for much longer, and similar phrases have been used by financial advisors for decades.

So what does it mean to pay yourself first and more importantly, is it a good idea?

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You Made Your Cash-Flow Plan, Now Track It!

by Regina Neenan, Financial Planning Fort Collins

Here, I’ll go beyond the budgeting basics with three simple steps that you can use to set yourself up for successful spending and saving in 2023.

  1. Review 2022
  2. Set goals for 2023
  3. Track your spending

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Where to Park Your Cash With Interest Rates Rising

by Grant Bledsoe, Three Oaks Wealth

As of lately, many people are interested in where to park cash amid rising interest rates, as well as the best options that provide the maximum benefits possible. In this week’s episode of Grow Money Business, Grant discusses the methodology of saving cash in your emergency fund and several other options for investing your extra cash.

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