Fee-for-Service Financial Planning

Celebrate ten years of XYPN making it possible with a book written by XYPN Co-founders, Alan Moore & Michael Kitces! 

Whether you're a seasoned financial professional curious about doing things differently or just starting your journey as a firm owner, Fee-for-Service Financial Planning is a must-read. Gain invaluable insights, strategies, and expert advice that will empower you to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of financial planning.

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Model for Success

Learn how to profitably serve who you want, how you want with the freedom of a fee-for-service model.

Find Your Niche

Grow your firm fast when you identify your unique market, earn referrals, and secure ideal clients with a niche that does the work for you. 

Design Your Service Model

Discover the secrets to creating a service model and strategic fee structure that engages and compels clients in untapped markets.

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