Your Complete Guide to XYPN16


There’s no shortage of things to look forward to at this year’s XY Planning Network National Conference, #XYPN16. And with so much going on, it’s easy to feel like you might be missing something.

That’s why we compiled this guide to walk you through all things conference content, parties, receptions, events, contests, and more!

Get the Basics

Here are some of our frequently asked questions and the improtant information you need to feel confident before arriving at #XYPN16.

Where is everything happening? We’ll be at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina. Most conference events will take place on site, whether inside or on the grounds. San Diego means lots of opportunity to use the outdoor space we have!

Do I need to arrange a shuttle from the airport to the hotel? You don’t need a shuttle, taxi, or Uber if you fly in. You can walk from the airport!

What should I wear? Whatever you want. This isn’t your typical, stuffy conference — and in fact, you may be more out of place if you wear a suit than you would be if you wore shorts and flip flops. Come as you are and dress the way that makes you comfortable and confident.

How should I meet up with people? If you’re part of one of our communities, either as an XYPN member or an XYPNRadio VIP, drop a line in the forums or the Facebook group. That’s a great way to coordinate meetups. But it’s not necessary — we have a lot of opportunities lined up to mix and mingle, network, and hang out with fellow attendees. (See below for what’s going on!)

What should I expect, in general? What’s the vibe like? Think more informal than formal, more casual than strictly professional. Everyone is friendly, approachable, and open — and most importantly, we’re here to help each other. Don’t hesitate to walk up to folks, start conversations, ask questions, and make new friends.

What if I need help at the conference? The entire XYPN Team will be on site and available to help you should you need anything. We’ll also be highly active on Twitter, so this is a great way to reach us if you can’t track a human in an XYPN tee down. Tweet @XYPlanning and use the hashtag #XYPN16.

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Know Which Sessions Are Right for You

#XYPN16 will feature 4 main content tracks. We’ve divided sessions and speakers into these categories so you can easily determine which presentations you’ll get the most value out of.

Hear from experts in each of the following tracks:

  • Practice Management: featuring panel discussions from industry leaders and top financial advisors
  • Continuing Education: get CE credit and the information you need to perform better as an advisor and RIA owner
  • Sales & Marketing: hear from the pros on how to gain visibility and generate more leads so your firm can scale and grow
  • Start My Firm: this is the content track for you if you’re looking to launch or are in the process of starting your own RIA

In addition to our content tracks, the conference features 5 keynote presentations:

  • Presentations from Alan Moore and Michael Kitces, co-founders of XY Planning Network
  • Keynote session from Heather Jarvis, student loan expert of
  • Keynote session from Pat Flynn, online entrepreneur, blogger, and podcaster from Smart Passive Income
  • Keynote presentation from Clark Howard on the importance of fee-only financial planning for consumers

To see all the sessions and speakers, head to the XYPN16 Agenda.

Check Out Breakouts, Roundtables, and More

Our expo hall will be rockin’ on Monday. Meet up with vendors and conference sponsors, grab some swag, and catch the tech demos that will happen throughout the day.

And our excellent vendors aren’t the only things to see and do in the expo hall on Monday. You can also enjoy a number of roundtable workshops, including:

  • Influencing, Not Selling, Millennials
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Writing Business and Operation Task Lists
  • Transitioning from the BD World to the Fee-Only World
  • Using Betterment in Your Practice
  • Divorce Planning
  • XYPN Radio VIP Roundtable Meetup
  • and more!

Plus, we’ll have a special area set up in the expo hall where you can meet up with other attendees and members of Team XYPN. Look for the XYPN Chill Zone (and note that this is where you can also get super early bird tickets on next’s year’s event — and sponsors can grab their space at a discount, too!)

Feel free to network with your fellow finanical advisors and conference attendees in the Chill Zone or just hang out and, you know, chill.

Don’t forget to make plans each morning to attend one of our group workout sessions, too! We’ll have members and attendees leading a Zumba class one morning and yoga the next.

Many of our attendees will also be bringing their families and small children with them. We’ll have a designated room set up for parents and children to go as needed for nursing and other needs throughout the day. (Please note the conference does not provide any adult supervision; parents should accompany children throughout the venue.)

Check out the full schedule to get the lineup of tech demos, roundtable workshops, and more.

Don’t Miss the Inaugural FinTech Competition

We’re hosting our inaugural FinTech Competition to find and showcase new players in the industry who are creating tech solutions to help financial advisors provide better financial planning to Gen X and Gen Y clients.

The competition will showcase 6 companies that offer software solutions and tech tools to financial advisors serving Gen X and Gen Y, in an effort to get them in a marketplace where they’re desperately needed.

Finalists were chosen for a combination of what we thought was relevant and useful tech for the advisor, and how differentiated the product was from existing solutions.

Get ready to see these finalists compete for the grand prize at #XYPN16:

These companies will be judged by Michael Kitces, Tom Kimberly of Betterment Institutional, and Ben Welch of TD Ameritrade Institutional. Bill Winterberg of FPPad will host the competition.

Party On with Your Favorite Financial Pros

We’re excited to host a number of parties, get-togethers, receptions and networking opportunities for our conference attendees this year. Here’s where we’ll be hanging out each day:

  • September 18, Sunday Night: Join us for our opening reception at 7pm on the Garden Terrace
  • September 18, Sunday Night: Keep the party going from 9pm to midnight in the Sunrise and Sunset Suites
  • September 19, Monday: Enjoy a food truck lunch, San Diego style, from 11:30am to 1pm
  • September 19, Monday Night: Participate in our pizza party in Habor Island Park starting at 6pm
  • September 19, Monday Night: Sunrise and Sunset Suites will be open again from 9pm to midnight
  • September 20, Tuesday Night: Don’t miss our closing party at Parq starting at 8pm. This will be a private event just for XYPN attendees. Join us in the Sunrise and Sunset Suites again until midnight, too
  • September 21, Wednesday Afternoon: Help us close out the conference and gear up for FinCon at the PB Ale House #XYPN16 Afterparty!

Play and Win at #XYPN16!

If all the events, parties, networking opportunities, and conference content isn’t exciting enough, maybe a chance to win a prize or two will help you perk up.

On Monday, you can be entered to win 1 of 3 iPads we’re giving away! All you need to do to earn your entry is visit each expo hall booth. Winners will be announced Monday afternoon.

You can also engage with us and join the fun on social media. Here’s a list of the contests we’ll run and how you can get involved:

#XYPN16 Superlatives: On Sunday before the conference starts, we’ll be checking Twitter to see who we can crown “Most Pumped Up for #XYPN16”! Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card

Share your takeaway from Heather Jarvis’ pre-conference workshop on Twitter with the hashtag #XYPN16. Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card

On Monday, tweet us your favorite photo with an exhibitor. We’ll choose the best (think: funniest, most creative) and our photo prize winner will score a new FitBit!

We also want to know what conference content you’re most excited about. On Monday, share the session you’re most excited to see and why. Use the hashtag #XYPN16. The winner will receive a free pass to XYPN17!

And finally, our big social media contest and grand prize… We’ll have a scavenger hunt on Monday. The first person to tweet us all of the following with the hashtag #XYPN16 will win a new GOPRO camera! Here’s what you need to find and send in:

  1. Photo with your favorite vendor in the expo hall
  2. Photo of you hangin’ in the XYPN Chill Zone
  3. Photo from a roundtable session
  4. Photo of someone in an XYPN tee (can be anyone, including yourself!)
  5. Photo of your favorite expo hall swag and who it’s from

The only rules for the above contests: you need to tweet all your entries to @XYPlanning and include the hashtag #XYPN16. That’s all you need to do to win!

Need Help or Have Questions? Here’s Where to Go

If you’re still looking for more information on #XYPN16, make sure to visit the main conference website at

Have specific questions? Make sure you visit our FAQ page to see if we’ve already answered them for you.

From there, you can check out the following resources and pages:

And of course, be sure to view who will be sponsoring #XYPN16. Our sponsors make the conference possible, and we wouldn’t be able to provide you with all of the above without them. Swing by their websites, social media, and of course their expo hall booths to say hello and check out what they have to offer attendees.

We can’t wait to see you in San Diego!

3 Realizations from #XYPN15

Takeaways from XYPN15 Brandon Marcott

Please welcome XY Planning Network member Brandon Marcott to the blog today. Brandon offered to recap and share his experiences at our first inaugural conference that took place September 15 – 17th in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I had an idea to write this cool retro running diary (Bill Simmons style) to explain the awesomeness I experienced at the XYPN conference this past week. As I started writing, I just realized there was too much fluff for a general audience — too many details relevant to my experience but not necessarily sources of wide-ranging takeaways.

For a conference that was about as anti-fluff as you could get, this didn’t seem right.

So, in the XY Planning Network spirit of honesty, transparency, and getting sh!t done, let me share my 3 points I left the conference with this past week.

1. #XYPN16 Is a Must

So you weren’t at XYPN15? You MUST come to XYPN16. It’s not an option.

Here’s the thing: I didn’t have much in regards to expectations coming to this conference. I basically had one goal. I wanted to meet some of the cool people I’ve (virtually) gotten to know over the past 9 months. That was it. The content wasn’t really something I even thought about.

At most financial conferences, you have some combination of motivational speakers, market/economic speakers, a random B-list celebrity, and breakout sessions filled with retirement and long term care planning.

This was…not that.

Honestly, I was blown away. There was so much energy from the moment the conference began. Not only did this energy not go away, it kept building through the conference.

Our XYPN rockstars Alan and Michael shared passionately about the state of financial planning and our position in its inevitable transformation. Bill Winterberg provided simple and amazing advice on how we can transform our businesses with video. Carl Richards ended the conference by encouraging us to lean into our fear and do the thing that we have been called to do.

I think the reason each of these (and the rest of the) sessions were so powerful boils down to one word: Authentic. There was no pretense at XYPN15. Each of us were encouraged to build our businesses with that same authenticity. Rather than simply leaving the conference with this knowledge, something amazing started building amongst the attendees.

2. A Unique Opportunity to Build Relationships

You will build incredible relationships with people who care about you and your mission. Meeting people before the conference started was… kind of weird. I’ll be honest. We all trickled in and asked each other the same questions and made the same comments.

“When did you get in?” “Where do you live again?” “I thought you were much shorter.”

We also had this strange dynamic of “knowing” each other…but not really knowing each other. This changed quickly.

While I was looking forward to meeting people, I had no idea that we would build the amazing relationships that we did. Looking back, it is that same word from before that made this happen. Authentic. We all were authentic with each other.

Those of us with young kids got to talk about the joys and difficulties of parenthood. Those of us who are single-income households talked about the stress and struggle of providing for our families. When you build a relationship on openness, you break open the door to meaningful friendship pretty quickly.

Outside of XYPN, we all have our community of friends and family that support us, but there is something special about our group. There is something special about a group that gets each other.

3. You Will Get Sh!t Done

When you add authenticity, great content, and strong relationships you get a pretty potent combination. After most conferences you spend time organizing the notes you took, making a plan for implementing what you learned. You get back to your office and maybe implement some changes, or maybe you do nothing.

This conference didn’t let you wait that long. I sat at a table with three other attendees who talked through my website with me, helping me realize changes I needed to make. Another member spent time recording me verbally explain my target client and why I want to help them. These are just two examples of non stop encouragement and advice that went on throughout the conference.

I cannot wait for #XYPN16, but we don’t need to wait another year to start making this kind of progress in our businesses. Here are three quick action steps I’d encourage you to start in the meantime:

  1. Make the choice to be authentic. Colleagues and clients will see through it if you aren’t. No amount of marketing savvy can make up for it.
  2. Form a mastermind group. Find 4-5 other people that will be your advocates. You’ll need each other to build your meaningful businesses.
  3. Buy your XYPN16 ticket now. Seriously, don’t miss it. It will transform your business.


Brandon Marcott, CFPAbout the Author: Brandon Marcott, CFP is the founder of Edify Financial Planning. He works with those who want to live intentionally with their finances, and believes a financial plan is about much more than numbers — it’s about developing your purpose and letting your finances follow. You can connect with Brandon on Twitter @BrandonMarcott

XYPN Radio: The Podcast for the Next Generation of Financial Planning


Ever wished there was a badass podcast show just for you, the financial advisor who wants to launch your own firm to serve your ideal clients? We hear you — and we shared that wish. That’s why XY Planning Network is launching a brand new podcast, XYPN Radio, on August 24th!

This weekly podcast will feature Alan Moore as your host, special guests each episode, and appearances by co-host Michael Kitces. The podcast exists to share the tools, resources, and education you need to profitably and effectively bring financial planning to the next generation.

You require a different skillset, different focus, and different business model to successfully serve your ideal clients — and XYPN Radio is geared to your interests to help you grow your business.

Join Us for Launch Week on XYPN Radio

On our first episode, XYPN co-founders Alan Moore and Michael Kitces talk about Michael’s background. You’ll get the real story on how Michael became the “King Nerd” of financial planning (which not a lot of people know!)

In addition to Michael, we also feature an interview with Mark Mauer, who discusses about providing insurance as a fee-only advisor. (While we’re on the topic, we want to thank Load Load Insurance Services, Inc. for being our Launch Week sponsor.)

During XYPN Radio’s Launch Week, you’ll also hear from Carl Richards on the art of communication. Carl writes the Sketch Guy column in The New York Times, and has written two books: The Behavior Gap and The One Page Financial Plan.

We’ll also hear from a number of fee-only financial advisors who are changing the landscape of financial planning. Sophia Bera of Gen Y Planning and Eric Roberge of Beyond Your Hammock — both XYPN members — chat about their careers paths and how they found their own unique ways to success. Jeff Rose will join us to talk about his career trajectory, too, and we’ll hear from Jake Kuebler, who talks about buying a firm at just 25 years old.

Become an XYPN Radio VIP

We can’t wait for launch week — and we hope you’re getting excited too. You can tune in to the very first XYPN Radio episode on August 24th. We’ll publish episodes here for everyone to enjoy, but you can get exclusive first access to great content and interviews with amazing guests by becoming a VIP.

Consider this your official invitation to join us in our VIP listener community. You’ll receive the newest episodes, of course, but there’s much more to enjoy in this private group. Get in on networking opportunities, additional education, and more by joining us at

As a special bonus, XYPN members get free registration to LLIS Insurance Academy – click here to learn more! LLIS is the sponsor of Launch Week.

Conferences for Financial Advisors: #XYPN15 or FinCon Advisor Symposium?

Conferences for Financial Advisors

In many ways, the financial planning industry is lagging behind the fast-paced changes other fields have undergone to better incorporate new technologies and growing needs of new consumers. Not only are traditional firms unable to serve a demographic poised to inherit $30 trillion dollars over the next few decades, many of them don’t even want to.

And the feeling may be mutual. Gen X and Gen Y consumers prefer working with people who are accessible, responsive, technologically-savvy, and who aren’t afraid to communicate virtually (whether by email or even Skype and Google Hangouts).

#XYPN15 and the FinCon Advisor Symposium aim to change that. Both these conferences for financial advisors will give attendees the information, resources, and inspiration needed to lead the financial planning industry forward so we can build better businesses and serve next-gen clients with greater success.

These events were designed to meet the needs of financial advisors who are ready for a change in the financial planning industry. They’re for advisors (and aspiring advisors) who want to serve Gen X and Gen Y and do so in a way that’s free of sales and conflicts of interest, easy for members of younger generations to afford, and capable of using technology to provide better service for clients.

If you know that financial planning isn’t just for Boomers anymore, you’ve found your ideal conferences.

But with two great conferences available to choose from, the question becomes: which should I attend? Here’s the breakdown of each. Read more

Meet Your 2015 XYPN Essay Contest Winner

2015 XYPN Essay Contest

The entire XY Planning Network team can’t wait for our first-ever conference, #XYPN15! Not only is this the first conference hosted by the network, but it’s the only conference created for Gen X and Gen Y financial planners looking to work with their peers while running profitable firms.

In honor of this event, we hosted an essay contest for writers, bloggers, future planners, and advisors with existing firms to share their stories and explain why they’d succeed as financial professionals getting paid for their advice. We wanted to provide a scholarship for the winner, which would include a pass to #XYPN15, a pass to FinCon15 (a financial media expo that also includes an advisor symposium), travel expenses, and a hotel stay.

The contest officially ended on March 31st, and today, we’re thrilled to introduce our winner and share the winning essay entry.

Read more

Happy Birthday, XY Planning Network!

Editor’s Note: This special blog post celebrating one year of XY Planning Network comes from our co-founder, Alan Moore.

Happy Birthday XY Planning Network

On April 4th, 2014, just one year ago, we sent out a press release announcing the launch of the XY Planning Network. I thought it would be fun to do a little recap on how XYPN came to be, and share some bits of history folks may not know.

It was December 27th, 2013 when I wrapped up a call with my study group, #FPHackers. I realized that we were all being asked the same questions by advisors looking to start their own firm.

“What CRM should we use?” “Which scheduling software is best?” “Who do you use for compliance?”

All of these advisors were working long hours to try and answer questions that others had already answered. They were recreating the wheel. Read more

Tweeting It Up with Experian on #Creditchat

Experian Credit Chat

Last week, XY Planning Network and a number of our member advisors co-hosted Experian’s weekly #creditchat on Twitter. In case you missed this event and opportunity to connect with peers and consumers alike, we’re recapping the highlights for you here.

With network co-founder Alan Moore, 5 XYPN members provided their tips, ideas, and insights:

Read more


Betterment Institutional Partners with XY Planning Network


Announcing a New Partnership with Betterment Institutional

Betterment Institutional, an end-to-end digital solution for RIA’s, today announced it has partnered with XY Planning Network to offer the Betterment Institutional solution to XY Planning Network’s member firms and to leverage XYPN’s expertise and resources in helping budding advisor practices blossom.

Betterment Institutional provides a scalable, automated platform designed to remove daily administrative burdens so advisors are free to spend more time with clients. The platform’s automated investment services and branded client experience give advisors the tools they need to be more productive.

XY Planning Network (XYPN) is the leading organization of fee-only financial advisors who specialize in working with Generation X and Generation Y clients for an affordable monthly fee. XYPN provides fee-only advisors with turnkey support to start, run and grow their practices as they serve next generation clients. As part of its turnkey solutions, XYPN will promote Betterment Institutional as a preferred provider of portfolio automation services to its rapidly growing base of member firms.

“Providing investment related services to smaller accounts is incredibly time consuming, and forces many advisors to focus on high net worth clients. Betterment Institutional bring investment management services to an entirely new generation of client,” says Alan Moore, co-founder of XYPN.

XYPN co-founder Michael Kitces notes that “it’s difficult for younger advisors serving their peers to work with a traditional custodian, given custodial minimums for advisory firms, the transaction costs on small accounts, and the expense of supporting technology that advisors must bear to serve clients efficiently. Betterment Institutional provides a powerful all-in-one alternative to traditional custodial platforms for the financial-planning-centric advisor, at a very appealing cost.”

Steve Lockshin, Partner at Betterment Institutional, said “For numerous reasons, I am enthusiastic about our partnership with XY Planning Network. XYPN is a pioneer in connecting advisors of all asset levels with industry-leading resources, technology and support. I look forward to bringing Betterment’s technology to a wider range of advisors and supporting those advisors as they grow.”

“Our goal is to support advisors with the tools, resources, and solutions they need to be successful for their clients,” said Martin C. Bicknell, CEO of Mariner Holdings and Montage Investments, and whose firm has partnered with Betterment Institutional to market the platform to RIA’s. “By pairing advisors with Betterment Institutional’s cutting-edge portfolio automation technology, we are making strides toward achieving that goal. The end result is, regardless of their assets under management, all advisors receive industry-leading support that frees them to spend more time with clients.”

More About Betterment Institutional

Betterment Institutional is the smarter automated investing service that gives advisors the tools they need to be more productive, more efficient, and provide the best experience for their clients. The service offers a globally diversified portfolio of ETFs, designed to provide advisors with the best possible expected returns for helping clients achieve their long-term objectives.

About XY Planning Network

XY Planning Network was founded in 2014 to provide fee-only advisors with turnkey support to start, run and grow their practice in pursuit of connecting high quality advisors with next generation clients who wish to receive ongoing financial planning advice for an affordable monthly fee.

About Montage Investments

Montage Investments provides institutional-caliber investments to investors and the financial professionals who serve them. Through a family of independent asset managers, unified by deep market insight and fundamental research, Montage offers alternative investment solutions across the spectrum of asset classes and strategies that include mutual funds, closed-end funds and separate accounts. Collectively, Montage Investments managed nearly $26 billion as of December 31, 2014.

Go to the XY Planning Network Conference and FinCon 2015 — for Free

XY Planning Conference 2015 Essay Contest

XYPN is excited that we’ll be hosting our first XY Planning Network Conference in 2015, and our event will be held in conjunction with the massively popular FinCon 2015 Expo.

Our conference will be for everyone: members, nonmembers, established financial advisors, young financial experts looking to get started in the financial field — anyone with an interest in financial planning and getting paid for financial advice is welcome and encouraged to attend.

The XY Planning Network Conference will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina from Tuesday, September 15 to Thursday, September 17 at 1pm. We’ll wrap up as FinCon kicks off!

To help us get revved up for this big event, we’re challenging you to share with us how or why you’d be an excellent provider of professional financial advice. Whether you’re a blogger who’s looking to elevate your career to the next level, or a young planner looking to launch their own firm — we want to know your why, and we’d love to hear more about how.

Which is why we’re hosting an essay contest for you, and the grand prize winner will receive free passes to FinCon 2015 and the XY Planning Network 2015 Conference. The winner will also receive $400 for travel expenses and 3 free nights in the conference hotel.


Read more

How Young Financial Advisors Can Make 2015 Their Best Year Yet

Young Financial Advisors

2015 is shaping up to be a great year to be a young financial advisor running their own firm – or looking to get started. The new year will be the first full calendar year that XY Planning Network is fully available to young financial advisors wanting to take their business to the next generation.

The network launched 9 months ago, and we’ve since grown to nearly 50 advisor members. All the while, XYPN has been working hard to deliver more and more benefits to those that want to join our ranks.

The Newest Way Members Benefit from Network Access: Turnkey Compliance Services

Our latest effort? The expansion of turnkey compliance services and resources available to our new and existing members. The new solution includes a complete new-RIA-registration package for young financial advisors launching a new RIA (including completing Form ADV, state registrations, and more), and ongoing compliance support and tools for existing state-registered RIAs. Read more