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How to Use Credit Cards the Smart Way

“Debt” is probably the worst four-letter word in personal finance, and far too many people have it hanging over their heads. Collectively, Americans hold $11.68 trillion dollars in debt. $854.2 billion of that comes from credit cards. It’s no wonder that for many of us, the thought of credit cards and debt go hand in […]

5 Ways to Save More Money Now

What could you do with $50 to $100 extra bucks each month? It would be that much easier to repay student loans, pay off credit card balances, save for big milestones like your first home, and contribute a greater percentage of your income to retirement. Once you’ve established good money management habits, finding a little […]

What Is a Fiduciary?

At the XY Planning Network, much to-do is made about the fact that all the advisors in the network are required to sign fiduciary oaths. But what does that mean for us? What is a fiduciary, anyway? What Is a Fiduciary? A fiduciary isn’t actually a specific person. The term refers to a relationship between […]

Why We Need the XY Planning Network

What do you think of when you imagine a financial planner? Do you envision advisors in suits that might have cost more than your old sedan sitting behind expansive desks in corner offices? Are you conjuring thoughts of stuffy, aged men far wealthier than you will ever be happily skimming hefty commissions off your nest […]