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About William Hatton, CFP®

Hello! My name is Billy, owner of Billfold Budget Counseling.

I believe that money is not a natural thing. Be it overspending, living paycheck to paycheck, or a low credit score…these money mishaps are actually quite common.

Because of this, I feel that there’s no shame in not understanding personal finance. Heck, when I was studying accounting as an undergrad, I managed to get in over my head with credit card debt. A situation due to a lack of personal finance knowledge. But this overwhelming burden would weigh on my every action, and my not-so-wise decision to ignore the problem only made it worse. I was eventually able to pay off my debt through sheer chance (and lots of part-time work), but I never wanted to feel that level of anxiety again.

However, what was bad for me is often worse for others. In this country, there are haves and have-nots, and money has historically been hoarded by haves: rich, white, powerful men. As a privileged white male, I had the opportunities that lead me to eventually being debt-free. I could see how my challenges were relatively small compared to the structural issues that other folks face. So, I’ve made it my mission to not only provide financial planning, education, and coaching but to have my advice be as accessible as possible. Especially to those who have had dealt with money hardships, but still want to give back to their communities.

That way, you can focus on your mission to make the world a compassionate, diverse, and understanding place.

So if you’re ready to enlist help to tackle your financial burdens (without cliché, condescending advice like “eat less avocado toast” or “don’t buy lattes”), please reach out for a complimentary consultation.


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