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Greater Than Financial is a financial planning and investment management firm specializing in planning for the busy families of Kansas City’s Northland and across the United States. We help those families who need extra expertise to find the information necessary to make confident financial decisions. We accomplish this by using the latest financial planning applications and by developing a customized communication schedule for every family we serve.

Our dedication to planning comes from one simple thought: people have access to all they need for a full life, yet most feel like something’s missing.

So much of our lives are but a shadow of what they could be because of waste. The effective application of financial principles can fix that.

To us, finance is about discovering the best and highest use for all that we have, including our money, our skills, our time, and our energy. Finance, done right, equals more life. Life that is greater than what we are currently living.

Those thoughts spurred Wakefield to create Greater Than Financial and give the company its mission: Giving accurate and timely information to make it simpler for families to live fully.

With over 12 years of investment management and financial planning experience, and over 15 years working with teenagers and their parents through Young Life, Wakefield has gained the ability to layer technical planning expertise on top of insightful communication to be able to discover what a family really needs to make progress.

That’s why Greater Than Financial focuses on serving Kansas City Northland families under 50. These people’s schedules are so full, it becomes normal to not slow down long enough to remember the reason we’re all running so fast in the first place.

These families are coming into their peak earning years but still have time for career transition if it makes sense. These families are pushing to make sure their kids are on track to become fulfilled, productive adults. These families are beginning to confront the realities of life after the kids get out of high school, including the complexities of paying for college and the expectation of an empty nest.

If you’re that family and want a consistent planning process to help you make the best decisions possible, then you are a Greater Than family.

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Ideal Clients

  • Christian Faith Based
  • Family Financial Planning
  • Gen X
  • Single Income Family

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  • Hourly

Fee Options

  • Monthly Fee: $50+/mo + $950 Upfront
  • Hourly Fee: $150+/hr

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