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About Vladimir Kouznetsov, CFP®, EA

Hi, I am а founder of Retegy LLC, a fee-only independent financial advisory firm specializing in financial planning, retirement strategies, and investment management for people who are approaching retirement or are early in retirement. I work primarily with professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and small to medium-size real estate investors.

Have you put any thoughts into your retirement? You worked hard over the years to build a great life for you and your family. As you are getting close to retirement, it is critical to start shifting your focus to what comes next in your life.

• When can you retire?
• Will you be able to maintain your desired lifestyle during retirement?
• Will your retirement plan provide enough cash flow to support it for the rest of my life?
• Does your plan consider the effects of inflation on your expenses and your savings?
• Will your plan require you to take distributions from your market invested portfolio during a period of the market downturn? Are you worried about the sequence-of-returns risk?
• How much of your savings can be lost in taxes? Does your plan consider uncertainty about future tax rates?
• Are your retirement plan distributions coordinated with your Social Security benefits? Do you know how to maximize your Social Security benefits?
• Are you considering the cost of future medical expenses and the historically higher inflation rate for them?
• What is your plan for covering potential Long-Term Care expenses?
• What is your plan on how you or your spouse will deal with the “widow’s penalty” tax?
• If something happens to you, are your affairs in order or are you planning to leave your spouse and your kids with a huge mess to untangle?

There are hundreds of different strategies and thousands of financial industry products designed to deal with these issues. Some of them claim to be a silver bullet and make your retirement planning a breeze as soon as you invest in them. If only it were that simple.

I specialize in developing retirement accumulation and distribution strategies and advanced tax planning to help you navigate various issues that you may be facing in the future. I honor fiduciary principles to act in your best interest in designing and implementing your strategy. As а fee-only advisor, I do not accept commission payments and do not have a conflict of interest when recommending different financial products.

Besides financial services, I have а background in software development and real estate.

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Ideal Clients

  • Baby Boomers
  • Business Owners
  • Immigrants
  • Technology Professionals

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  • Assets Under Management

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  • One Time Fee: $1,600
  • AUM: 1.50%-0.70%

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