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About Terry Bradford-Crane, CFP®, MBA

Terry Bradford-Crane, MBA, CFP® is an investment adviser in the states of California and Washington. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy and an accomplished career as an EA-6B Prowler naval flight officer, she began her career as a financial adviser with Merrill Lynch in Oxnard, California. As a financial adviser and certified financial manager with Merrill Lynch, Mrs. Bradford-Crane managed a multi-million dollar book of cash and securities for high net worth individuals and businesses. She regularly performed individual financial plan presentations to clients and developed and implemented financial planning strategies for cash and debt management, education planning, retirement planning, risk management, tax planning and estate planning.

In August 2002, Mrs. Bradford-Crane left Merrill Lynch to devote more time to her rapidly growing family. She began BradfordCrane Company in August 2004. BradfordCrane Company LLC is a business platform that enables Mrs. Bradford-Crane to educate individuals on investment topics, inspire investors to reach for their own financial independence, deliver presentations on portfolio development and the “art” of selecting an appropriate financial advisor, and provide pro bono financial planning advice to organizations and individuals as a service to her community.

Her commitment to financial literacy is evident in her community involvement over the years as a volunteer and guest speaker for several advisory boards and mentoring programs. She has a Master of Business Administration (Financial Planning) from California Lutheran University and is an adjunct faculty member for the California Lutheran University MBA in Financial Planning Program. In addition to establishing the Kitsap Peninsula Financial Planning Study Group, she volunteers for the Foundation for Financial Planning and is the owner and editor of PeaceOfMindWaypoints.com. Ms. Bradford-Crane is a CFP® Certificant and a member of the Financial Planning Association of Puget Sound.

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