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About Taylor Anderson, CFP®

Taylor’s passion for personal financial planning started when she and her husband decided to take a break from their traditional career paths in Seattle to join the Peace Corps. She served for 2 years in Kyrgyzstan before joining her family-owned financial planning business in Vancouver, WA. She loves working with clients who are ambitious in both their careers and their hobbies and is most excited when she gets to hear about her clients’ travel plans. Her favorite challenge is to help her clients build flexibility into their financial plans so they’re able to enjoy the twists and turns of life as they come.

Taylor began her career in consulting and project management roles at large companies, so she knows what it’s like to make decisions on benefits, to advocate for herself in annual reviews, and to navigate corporate work environments. Taylor brings her prior experience to her financial planning work by adding creativity to the more technical things – think mindmaps, roadmaps, and her favorite…brainstorming with Post-Its!

On weekends you can find Taylor skiing or hiking in the backcountry. Weeknights very often include a run with a local run club and a good conversation over a beer or glass of wine.

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Ideal Clients

  • Gen X
  • Travel Enthusiasts
  • Women's Finance
  • Young Professionals

Ways Advisor Charges

  • Monthly Fee
  • Quarterly Fee
  • Assets Under Management

Fee Options:

  • Monthly Fee: $200
  • Quarterly Fee: $600
  • AUM: 0.85%

SEC Records:

States Registered

  • Washington