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About Sheila McGinn, CFP®

I am a fee-only financial planner focused on helping high-tech professionals navigate complex financial decisions.

I know the challenges you face. I spent 20+ years working for high-tech companies. Figuring out how to deal with the complexities of my own financial life inspired me to embark on a career as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

A little bit more about my journey: I had always been fascinated by personal finance, so while thriving in my high-tech career, I learned as much as I could on the side about how to manage my benefits, stock compensation, and other financial opportunities. Along the way, I shared what I learned with friends and colleagues, encouraging them to make smart financial decisions. Over the years, I discovered my passion for helping people figure out how to handle these important financial questions. Eventually, I followed my new passion and transitioned to a career as a Financial Planner and Wealth Advisor.

My firm, Brightview Financial Solutions, is based in Redwood City, CA and serves clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Comprehensive Financial Planning is the core of what I do. This involves working one-on-one to develop and implement a financial plan, based on your unique circumstances and designed to help you achieve financial goals. Investment Management is optional and provides hands-on management of investments in conjunction with comprehensive financial planning.
I can help you:

• Define your financial and life goals and then implement a plan for reaching them.
• Stay focused on current spending goals so you can reach your long-term saving goals.
• Optimize the myriad types of employer equity compensation such as ISOs, NQSOs, RSUs, and ESPPs.
• Develop a long-term investment strategy that is appropriate for your timeframe and risk tolerance.
• Prepare for the risks you don’t anticipate.
• My passion is to help you manage your financial life, so you can focus on your life’s passion.

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Ideal Clients

  • Equity Recipients (RS/RSU SOP ESPP)
  • Gen X
  • Technology Professionals
  • Women Professionals

Ways Advisor Charges

  • Flat Fee
  • Hourly
  • Assets Under Management

Fee Options

  • Flat Fee: $2,000+/engagement
  • Hourly Fee: $250+/hr
  • AUM: 0.80%

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