Shane Mason, CFP®, CPA/PFS Brooklyn FI, LLC

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About Shane Mason, CFP®, CPA®/PFS

Shane Mason, CPA, CFP is an accountant and financial planner in Brooklyn, New York. He specializes in financial planning services for small and medium business owners, creatives, tech professionals, expatriates and foreign nationals living in the US.

When he’s not writing about himself in the third person, Shane enjoys drinking gallons of coffee, biking to the beach and trying to catch up on the books he was supposed to read in high school.

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Ideal Clients

  • Artists & Creatives
  • Gen Y/Millennials
  • Self-Employed Individuals
  • Technology Field

Fee Options

  • Monthly Fee: $0 upfront, $1,900/year (Paid Monthly)
  • Hourly Fee: $175
  • AUM: 1.00%


SEC Records

States Registered

  • New York

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