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About Scott Smith, CFP®

Hi. I’m Scott Smith, and I started Olympia Ridge to focus on providing Fee-Only financial planning services to individuals and families from all income levels. I enjoy working with people like me.

How is Olympia Ridge different than most financial advisers?

1. We are Fee Only – This means that we do not accept commission compensation or kickbacks from any party for anything. Our clients compensate us directly for our advice and services using either an easy monthly or quarterly retainer, or if more convenient, on a project basis. No conflicts of interest!! We hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standard. Period.

2. We are Independent – We are not accountable to recommend any specific insurance or mutual fund company product, nor are we affiliated with any banking institution. This allows us to recommend the best solutions for our clients without being dictated to recommend specific solutions over another

3. Holistic and Comprehensive – We offer help in the following areas:

 Financial Goal Setting
 Cash Flow Design
 Investment Advisory
 Tax planning and forecasting
 Risk Analysis / Insurance
 Real Estate Analysis
 Estate Planning
 Investment Advisory
 Portfolio Monitoring
 Client Education

4. We believe in Functional Financial Planning – Functional Financial planning is the practice of ensuring that personal finances function within each client’s lives. What works for one client may not necessarily be the best solution for another client.

Clients, with assistance from Olympia Ridge, develop and execute a financial plan that works into their life and into their goals. Each situation is different and each person or family treats money differently. We work out these details with clients so they can have peace of mind.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. I believe that finances should function within each client’s unique situation and do not believe you can give all clients the same cookie cutter advice or a pre-defined solution. I believe that financial planning is an enduring process that will take many different directions as people progress through their life.

When not working, you will find Scott spending time with his family and friends, traveling to the Caribbean, or at a Cars and Coffee show in the Metro Detroit area.

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