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About Ryan Cole, CFP®

Ryan began investing at the age of 18 while earning his degree in business and management of technology at Clarkson University. Through his studies and over 15 years of investment experience, Ryan became a firm believer in tax-efficient investing and low-cost portfolio management. His financial know-how eventually led him to be a resource for friends and family, and he quickly discovered his passion for helping others with financial planning and investing.

Previously, Ryan worked as a financial planner at Ameritas Investment Corporation where he earned his series 65 license. In 2014, he left Ameritas to found Cole Wealth Advisors, which evolved into Citrine Capital when Jirayr joined in 2016.

Today, Ryan is a managing partner and wealth advisor at Citrine Capital, where he serves as an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®).

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Ryan has the pragmatism and objectivity of an East Coaster balanced by an easygoing, holistic attitude adopted from twelve years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Outside of work, he enjoys goofing around with his wife and two daughters, ice hockey, cycling, great food, craft beer, and lots of espresso.

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