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About Robert Winkelman, CFP®

Westward Planning Group was conceived out of a conversation I had with a very successful business owner. He said that he liked his financial advisor but he wasn’t sure if he was getting objective advice. I said, “I think what you need is someone who, for just an hourly fee, will review your planning and investments and give you unbiased advice.” Someone who doesn’t sell products or charge a percentage of your assets.” He said, “I would do that in a heartbeat.” A light bulb went off and I said, “That’s what I should be doing!”

After 30+ years working in the more traditional financial advisory and insurance industries, I could see what consumers wanted and needed and I could see how financial advisors tried to meet those needs and often failed. I also saw that only the wealthiest investors had access to comprehensive planning and the emphasis on asset-based fees meant that ordinary people who had good jobs but not a lot of assets were all but shut out of the system.

Westward Planning Group focuses on 8 areas: eliminating existential threats, optimizing cash flow, improving investment strategy, maximizing educational opportunity, rightsizing retirement, maximizing work benefits, building your legacy (or not), and maximizing your business.

Financial planning is more than just investment advice, it is about how money affects your relationships, your choices, your freedom. If this sounds like the way your financial future should feel, I’d like to hear from you.

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Ways Advisor Charges

  • Hourly

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  • Hourly Fee: $230+/hr

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