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About Quentara Costa, CFP®

POWWOW specializes in elder care planning. Quentara works with seniors and families to make a well-informed decision on moving forward during times of transition.

Can I afford elder care?
How long can I afford care, and what type will I receive?
What happens if I run out of money?

These are just a few of the questions Quentara runs into when speaking to clients. She can help by offering net-worth projections, estate planning guidance, Medicare advocacy, hosting family discussions, and more.

This may lead to POWWOW working with the adult children on their own planning needs. Whether it’s having Quentara confirm and critique a path you’ve started or needing guidance on a completely new venture, POWWOW is here to help. When it’s time to implement plan recommendations Quentara is happy to participate in the process to keep you accountable and engaged.
-Help with prioritizing goals (retirement, education, home buying, career moves, etc)
-Recommendations for improvements and how to minimize risks
-Mapping out “what-ifs” to better understand your options and direction
-Monthly membership plans to help with pop-up questions, plan changes and periodic reviews

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Ideal Clients

  • Elder Care Planning
  • Generation X
  • Milestones
  • People in Transition

Ways Advisor Charges

  • Monthly Fee
  • Flat Fee
  • Hourly

Fee Options

  • Monthly Fee: $100+/mo
  • Hourly Fee: $150/hr
  • Flat Fee: $1500+

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States Registered

  • Massachusetts

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