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About Pamela Rodriguez, CFP®

Fulfilled Finances is a holistic FEE-ONLY financial planning firm based in Sacramento, CA. It started with the philosophy that life is meant to be truly lived on purpose and dreams are meant to be fulfilled. Many times we look at money in a way that doesn’t serve that purpose. The constant stress of making or having more money or not losing our money really gets in the way of our joy. I believe that we have a calling to enjoy life to the fullest and to be responsible and diligent with our finances. We are called to be good stewards. We are called to live in abundance and not scarcity. We are also called to prosper and give to those who need our help. We must first change our mindset but eventually we must take action.

At some point in our journey we start feeling like we need to achieve more, have more, spend more. More is not always better. I help you take a step back and analyze where you are and where you want to go without adding more work to your already busy life. The goal is to live fulfilled and enjoy life.

I have seen almost every form of financial advising and I understand that the industry has done a great disservice to those it is supposedly at “serving”. I acknowledge that some of you have the right to be jaded and skeptical but I promise you that my goal is not simply the bottom line. Time and time again, I am reminded that the things that truly matter are not our possessions but what we do with those possessions.

I created this financial planning firm because I want to honor my calling by helping you achieve true fulfillment. I want to guide you and show you that not only can you fulfill your dreams, you can actually make a big impact in your lifetime!

Being fulfilled means being satisfied and content. Your finances will never satisfy your dreams or your passions. Using a Financial Advisor frees your mind up and gives you the peace to focus on the things that matter the most to you instead of worrying about all of the different strategies and investments that you need to implement. Your family, your friends, your business, your hobbies, your passions, your animals, your community. Whatever it is that makes you feel alive.

At the end of our lifetimes, we will not be able to take anything with us.

It is my hope that you will use our services. Clients tend to hire me for my teaching style and my strategies, but they stay because they know I care. Allow us to serve you and take care of your finances so you can fulfill your dreams.

How will you choose to use your time and resources?

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Ideal Clients

  • Christian Faith Based
  • Gen X
  • Medical Professionals
  • New Wealth
  • Pro Bono

Ways Advisor Charges

  • Monthly Fee
  • Flat Fee
  • Assets Under Management

Fee Options

  • Monthly Fee: $190+/mo
  • Flat Fee: $3,500+/engagement
  • AUM: 1.10%
    • Please contact the advisor for a full explanation of fee options.

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