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About Neil Mahoney, CFP®

My name is Neil Mahoney and I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who loves to help special needs families and people with disabilities make the most out of the money they have so they can live the best life possible.

As parents of two adult children with disabilities, my wife and I have first-hand experience with many of the financial and life challenges special needs families face. I’m here to help special needs families and people with disabilities be as strong as possible financially to help reduce financial stress and increase quality of life.

I also help people of all abilities proactively plan for and make progress towards their financial life goals rather than simply reacting to life. It’s better to prepare than to repair.

Today I help people of all abilities build, grow, protect and give wealth in a way that balances between current and future needs, positively impacts self, family and community and ultimately builds a better world.

Many of my clients are established in their careers or families and have a primary goal of preparing for financial independence or retirement in the next 15-30 years. They often face decisions of how to best prioritize cash flow between competing goals. Also, several clients are within 5 years before or after retirement and are navigating the changes this major transition brings.

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Ideal Clients

  • Gen X
  • Special Needs

Ways Advisor Charges

  • Monthly Fee
  • Quarterly Fee
  • Flat Fee
  • Assets Under Management

Fee Options

  • Monthly Fee: $150
  • Quarterly Fee: $450
  • Flat Fee: $750+
  • AUM: 1%

SEC Records

States Registered

  • Georgia
  • Utah