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About Mike Rauth, CFP®, RICP®

I started North Haven Financial because I see a great need for each of us to take responsibility for our financial futures. As you approach retirement or get ready to leave your nine to five job behind, the need to have a clear financial plan is critical. I specialize in helping you to develop a stable income stream that replaces your paycheck when you are ready to leave work behind. But a great retirement is about more than dollars and cents. I also want to help people move beyond financial independence to a meaningful and fulfilling life. That’s what retirement should be about.

I graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in electrical engineering. A few years later I earned a Masters in Business administration from the University of Southern Maine. I also have a certificate in Financial Planning from Northwestern University. I hold the CFP® and RICP® designations. RICP® is the Retirement Income Certified Professional program from the American College of Financial Services.

I have worked as a petroleum engineer, an integrated circuit designer, and ran several businesses for large electronics companies as a Senior Director. Investing was a hobby for 25 years before I decided to make it a focus of my career. I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, and gardening. I love to travel internationally and experience new places and cultures. My wife and I live in Maine, and enjoy frequent visits from our four children and three grandchildren!

To paraphrase Tim Ferris, The world is too big to spend most of life in a cubical. If you would like a plan to retire or make work optional for you in the next five years, we should talk.

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