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About Meg Bartelt, CFP®, MS, MSFP

Hi, I’m Meg Bartelt. I educate and empower women in tech.

I help both married and single women take advantage of the many financial opportunities that the tech industry offers.

Do you:
* Feel stuck because you have so many goals but only a limited amount of time and money?
* Receive company stock but are unsure how to use it?
* Live in a high cost-of-living area and dream of buying a home?
* Have a 401(k) and want to make sure you’re using it right?
* Want to be tax-savvy in all your financial decisions?

Together we can clarify your goals and priorities, figure out solutions to these concerns, and determine specific steps you need to take.

I know that your financial future depends as much on your career as it does on traditional financial guidance. In addition to being your financial guide, then, I want to help you cultivate a broader community of professionals–from recruiters to health professionals to career coaches–to grow your career, despite the persistent gender gaps in pay, leadership and technical roles, and ownership that the industry suffers from.

My credentials and education:
* Certified Financial Planner(R) professional.
* Masters of Science in Financial Planning, Golden Gate University
* Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Wellesley College
* A tradition of wanting to know your story first, finances second

Prior to becoming a financial planner, I worked as a technical writer for 10 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, mostly in the software-security sector. I was often the only woman in the engineering group.

After two cross-country moves, my family has settled in Bellingham, WA. (I can see Canada from my front porch!) So many of my interests—hiking, biking, cooking, yoga, never-ending kale—are part of the fabric of life here.

If you’d like to get some financial clarity, please set up a FREE consultation. If nothing else, check out my blog. Every week I write about issues pertinent to women in tech. You don’t want to miss the Adventures of Block Woman, do you?

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Ideal Clients

  • Equity Recipients (RS/RSU SOP ESPP)
  • Technology Professionals
  • Women Professionals
  • Women's Finance

Ways Advisor Charges

  • Monthly Fee
  • Quarterly Fee
  • Flat Fee

Fee Options

  • Monthly Fee: $500+/mo
  • Quarterly Fee: $1,500+/qtr
  • Flat Fee: $6,000+/engagement


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