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About Matthew McGinness, CFP®

Hi, I’m Matt McGinness, and I started Grow Well Financial Planning to help professionals who are at a crossroads in their career better understand the personal finance implications of the decisions they face so they can move forward with confidence. If you’re like most people, you get that “it’s Sunday night and I haven’t done all my homework yet” feeling when you think about your finances, regardless of the successes you’ve had.

I can help you get your arms around your finances and address the questions that are keeping you up at night so you can get back to living your life, spending time with family and friends, and growing your career. Whether you’re trying to understand how so much money can disappear each month, preparing to merge your finances with your fiancé, trying to figure out your stock options, or thinking about college for your newborn, we’ll work together to help you make informed, confident decisions.

I’ve lived through many of the same opportunities and challenges you may be facing or may encounter in the future. I have been a junior executive at a private equity-owned company preparing to go public, survived multiple rounds of downsizing during a recession, and, in c-suite roles, helped lead a privately-held firm through multiple ownership transitions.

I understand the confusion and excitement that comes with getting your first stock option grant, the perplexing world of negotiating your first real employment contract, and the difficult decision to take a horizontal job leap to further your knowledge or change your career track. I’ve experienced them all firsthand and know that most of us are ill-prepared to address the financial questions when we’re busy with the personal and professional ones.

Over the past 20 years, my own career path has taken me through many facets of the financial services industry. I started off in the mutual fund industry where I found a niche in competitive analysis of investment products. I’ve worked as an executive in wealth management firms, serving as CEO of the investment advisory division of a brokerage firm, and worked with firms across all aspects of the industry as a strategy consultant. And before founding Grow Well Financial Planning, I had the opportunity to work with Envestnet, one of the largest firms in the FinTech marketplace.

My life’s journey has taken me from the Boston area, where I grew up and worked after college, to San Diego for many years. My wife and I now find ourselves fortunate to spend most of our time on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, where we live with our two kids, aged 9 and 3. When I’m not working or wading through The Economist or a financial services trade publication, I’m usually outdoors with my family. I’m an avid runner, hiker, outrigger canoe paddler, gardener, and traveler. I’m the worst singer in the choir and a member of the vestry of St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church. And I can’t turn down a good mystery, whether in print or on PBS.

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