Malissa Marshall, CFP®, EA Soaring Wealth, LLC.

About Malissa Marshall, CFP®, EA

I chose the name “Soaring Wealth” for my firm because I love the image of a bird high in the sky, riding the wind, and believe that mastering your finances and harnessing them to support your personal dreams should similarly provide that level of confidence, perspective, and freedom.

Raison d’être
I started this firm so that I could provide comprehensive financial planning and portfolio management services in a seamlessly-integrated manner alongside my tax preparation and consulting services. Toward that end, I specialize in helping clients who have complex tax situations – including those involving cross-border planning and complex estate planning needs, for example.

Services Offered (selected)
• Comprehensive financial planning to help clients model out the long-term implications of their financial choices so that they can make the best decisions possible for themselves and their families.
• Portfolio management is evidence-based and goal-oriented, focusing on low cost, risk-appropriate, globally diversified portfolios of mutual funds and ETFs, with options for socially responsible investing and tax-managed portfolios.
• Proactive tax planning for self-employed individuals (lawyers, real estate agents, etc.) to better manage their variable annual tax liabilities.
• Year-end tax planning to maximize tax-efficient charitable giving, retirement and education savings.

When I am not working, I practice meditation and yoga, enjoy swimming, skiing, hiking and running, and love to spend time with my “almost-11-year-old” son, Henry, and our two cats, Bernie and Calvin.

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Ideal Clients

  • Baby Boomers
  • Cross-border Planning
  • Tax Planning

Ways Advisor Charges

  • Monthly Fee
  • Flat Fee
  • Hourly
  • Assets Under Management

Fee Options:

  • Monthly Fee $150+/mo
  • Flat Fee $500+
  • Hourly Fee $200/hr
  • AUM: 1%+

SEC Records:

States Registered

  • Vermont