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Have you ever thought to yourself, this does not feel right, there haves to be a better way??? That is exactly the feeling I had when it came to financial planning and my previous employers. I understand businesses are created to make profits, but it should not dominate your why and be the reason why you want clients to work with you.

Luckily, I had another option. START Level Up Financial Planning and build it from the ground up to be focused on providing a ridiculous amount of value for my clients. I am personally vested in your success and am genuinely excited about all the cool and fun things you have planned for your life.

I have seen the dramatic difference that providing education, clarity, focus, and accountability has on my clients’ current financial confidence and the impact it has on their wealth potential.

I look forward to helping you discover the financial balance between enjoying life now but also ensuring a future that you can be excited about.

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Career Change to Coding: Navigating Your Finances

September 4, 2019

Ready to take the leap into making a career change into coding, but unsure about how to navigate your finances? Like every other major financial decision in your life, making a career change intersects directly with your financial life. No matter where you are at in your coding career change decision, this strategy guide will help outline how to organize your finances, for your coding career change. If this is your first time reading my…
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Felon to Successful Software Engineer: Podcast

August 26, 2019

August 22, 2019 Lucas Casarez CFP® / Cory Pease I have a really great guest for today’s episode. His name is Cory Pease and his story proves that second chances really do exist. Cory is a felon who also recently successfully started his software engineer career after attending a bootcamp.  We cover the following: Inspiration for his “Daily Do Betters” Navigating life with a felony Financial literacy Transitioning careers Galvanize Bootcamp Creating your own opportunities Benefits…
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Timing the Market: Podcast

August 17, 2019

Timing the Market Show Notes A common question I receive is “is now a good time to invest in the market”. This episode was actually inspired by a conversation I had with a friend/listener of the show. In this episode I’ll cover: Average investor performance versus the “market” 9 Human behavior biases How to avoid these biases The conversation that inspired this episode Hindsight review on past market commentary Non-market examples of growth and recessions…
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Ideal Clients

  • Engineering Professionals
  • Gen X
  • Offers Free Assistance to Furloughed Government Workers
  • Parents
  • Technology Professionals

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  • Flat Fee: $400+
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