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About Lucas Casarez, CFP®

Professional Bio
Lucas’ foundation of financial interest was rooted in his first few years of employment at a local community bank in Illinois.  After discovering the impact financial planning has on peoples’ lives he moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend Colorado State University, which he graduated from in 2014 with a focus on Financial Planning.  Following graduation, Lucas worked for a top independent financial advisor in Northern Colorado where he served pre-retirees and retirees in building financial plans that aligned with their goals.  Wanting to make a greater impact on his clients’ financial lives, Lucas started Level Up Financial Planning, LLC to bring financial planning to young professionals and growing families.

Personal Bio
Lucas and his wife, Brittany, are originally from Round Lake, Illinois.  They moved to Fort Collins, CO in 2011 and it quickly became home.  Their son, Avery, was born in 2017 and it changed their lives in many amazing ways.  They also have two loving dogs, Oakley & Jackson.

In addition to hanging out as a family, they love to play sports, try new restaurants, hike, visit the local outdoor movie theatre, run, play video games (not so much lately), and travel.

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