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About Ken Hoyt, CFP®, EA

I have been fascinated by all things related to finance since high school, from preparing my siblings’ tax returns to following the stock market. I would save money from working in the family business and marvel at how bank interest compounded over time.

After graduating from college, I worked for several years in investment accounting, eventually deciding that working directly with clients was my true calling. This led me to become a traditional financial advisor, selling investments for a commission. While this provided valuable experience, I came to realize that the sales-oriented culture did not align with my clients’ best interests.

During a stint at IBM, I launched Hoyt Wealth Management with the goal of helping clients achieve financial peace of mind. When it was time to go full-time with financial planning, I joined a local firm, where I advised clients for 2 ½ years until deciding to go solo.

I live in Westford, Massachusetts with my wife, three teenagers, and our dog. When I’m not working, I enjoy playing tennis, running, and learning new things.

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Ideal Clients

  • Equity Recipients (RS/RSU SOP ESPP)
  • Gen X
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning

Ways Advisor Charges

  • Monthly Fee
  • Quarterly Fee
  • Flat Fee
  • Hourly
  • Assets Under Management

Fee Options

  • Monthly Fee: $400+/mo
  • Quarterly Fee: $1200+/qtr
  • Flat Fee: $4800+/engagement
  • Hourly Fee: $200+/hr
  • Assets Under Management: 0.80%

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