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About Kelly Luethje, CFP®, MBA

Kelly’s financial planning career began when she took a hard look at her own finances. She asked herself why she wasn’t able to save outside of her 401(k) or make a bigger dent in her student loans.  She found that balancing a good salary with debt payments, high rent, and the cost of engaging in life experiences, wasn’t an easy process. Along the way she discovered how valuable financial planning is to young professionals, not just retirees. Young, busy and adventurous people need to feel good about their finances to create the life they want. Kelly launched Willow Planning Group in 2015 and now helps clients across the country plan for life’s adventures.

Born and raised in Nebraska, Kelly earned a B.A. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Upon graduating, she moved to Boston, MA, and earned a Master of Business Administration from Simmons School of Management. Kelly later obtained a Certificate in Financial Planning from Boston University and most recently earned CFP® Certification.

About Willow Planning Group

We provide financial education and guidance to those who live life on their terms. We help you set financial goals and make smart decisions with your money so that you can experience life’s adventures. We will be with you as you build your career, grow your family, and travel the world. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, and we are committed to being your partner from the early stages and helping you create the life you want. For more information about working together, visit us at

We primarily work with our clients virtually. Schedule a phone call or a video chat at a time convenient for you. If you are in the Boston area, we would love to meet you in person!

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First time homebuyers: Why a down payment of 20% is a good idea.

May 9, 2017

There are several programs out there that allow first time homebuyers to buy their home with as little as three to five percent down. It isn’t just cities like Boston or San Francisco where buying a home can seem out of reach. Home prices all across the country are climbing much faster than salary increases, so a smaller down payment might feel like your only option in order to reach your goal of home ownership.But there are plenty of reasons to consider a larger down payment. While your

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Can You Have Fun While Paying off Debt?

March 9, 2017

Having debt can be paralyzing. I know from experience. One day you are living your life and having fun, and the next you wake up with a pile of credit card or student loan statements. The interest rates and balances are nauseating. You might feel like you can never go to brunch again, let alone spa weekend with the girls. Debt can be sneaky. Especially when you are working on your career, living in an expensive city, going on a last minute trip to France, or helping family members with hardship,

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Why Wait? Make a bucket list today.

February 8, 2017

This week I was reminded of a time when I was paralyzed by student loan debt and high rent. At that point in my life I felt like I couldn’t spend money on anything. How was I going to manage this debt and still do the things I love to do? Let’s be honest, I couldn’t even afford to go to lunch. I realized that I had to take a hard look at my finances and set some goals. If I didn’t, I was never going to feel like I was making progress to living the life I wanted.Does this sound familiar? Do you

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