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About Julie Ford, CFP®, CPA

As a fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with a decade of experience in the financial planning industry, Julie has helped hundreds of clients across the country to wisely manage their money. She specializes in serving city-dwelling couples, ranging from young professionals building wealth to parents of college-bound children, as they navigate the many transitional seasons that occur during these years of building a family.

Julie founded Ford Financial Solutions in 2015 to bring financial health to the complex lives of urban professionals across the spectrum of wealth. She prioritizes empowering her clients with the tools to create order in their financial world and reduce stress around money so that their finances can fuel — rather than impede — their goals and dreams.

In addition to serving clients, Julie promotes financial literacy through Ford Financial’s online courses, her personal finance blog Fiscal Therapy (named one of the Top 30 New York Finance Blogs by Feedspot), and by frequently providing insights to the media on a range of personal finance topics.

Julie is a Certified Public Accountant licensed to practice in the State of New York and a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and XY Planning Network. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a Master of Science degree, both in Accountancy. Prior to founding Ford Financial Solutions, Julie worked at two financial planning firms in New York City and as an auditor at Ernst & Young.

Julie and her husband Tony live with their two boys in New York City. They love the city and are embracing the adventure of raising urban kids.

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When the Stock Market Tanks

February 29, 2020

Well here it is folks, the stock market drop we all knew would eventually come. U.S. stocks are down around 12% this week, while global stocks aren’t doing much better. But in times of market turmoil, it’s essential to keep perspective. Here’s why to stay calm and stick to the plan, along with some practical steps (and non-steps) to take when the market tanks.

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When Money Brings Wholeness: Five Ways to Use Your Money Better

January 1, 2020

As we flip to 2020, I hope you’ve found some time amidst the holidays to reflect on the past year and what the coming one holds.  (And if not, there’s still time!) When it comes to money, the new year is the perfect time to reset and reprioritize. Perhaps this is the year you get your finances organized or pay off that debt or start saving in earnest for retirement.  But it all starts with asking the why of your money: How can your money bring wholeness to you and those around you?

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Employee Stock Compensation 101

November 1, 2019

Stock options. The words still conjure images of dark-suited executives in mahogany-paneled board rooms. But these days all sorts of people receive equity compensation, from c-suite officers down to new hires at tech companies. And that means there are more and more employees being paid in a form that can be difficult to understand and even harder to manage. That may include you. And so today we’ll go through the basics of employee stock compensation and how to best leverage it to reach your financial goals.

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