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About Josh Bennett, CFP®

Hi, I’m Josh. I am the founder of Vincere Wealth Management and a passionate personal finance nerd. I started Vincere Wealth as a fee-only practice dedicated to helping young professionals and families keep and grow their wealth.
I feel generations X&Y get ignored by mainstream advisors. Yet, I believe those generations have the most to gain from a strong financial foundation. I will work with you as your partner to ensure that you feel confident in every aspect of your financial life. Together we will make sure you are keeping and growing your wealth to your highest potential.
I help you identify the goals that are most important to you and give you actionable steps to achieve them. We collaborate every step of the way, but your needs and wishes drive our engagement. And I believe education empowers you. So, I pass along my knowledge to help you make better-informed decisions that will help you grow.
I graduated from Indiana University during the height of the Financial Crisis. At the same time, I decided that the legal route I intended was not my passion. I was always interested in the Stock Market, so I took a job at Charles Schwab thinking it would be a good way to take care of my own finances during the recession. Little did I know, that was how I would stumble into my calling. I quickly learned that my interest in Finance wasn’t just a hobby, but I was genuinely excited about it. I found that I was even more excited about helping others learn and grow in their finances. I was hooked.
I read every book I could find on personal finance (still do too). Along the way, I earned my CFP® (Certified Financial Planner™) designation to further extend my expertise on the fundamental skills of comprehensive financial planning. I continued to invest in developing expertise in the areas of college planning and student loan management. I am also currently a candidate for the level 2 exam of the Charted Financial Analyst designation.
I want to apply all that I’ve learned to help you conquer your wealth and achieve your goals.

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